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October 04 2009

Weekend Link Love – Edition 65

By Mark Sisson

Nikki Young, author of The Paleo Cookbook (I’ve got a copy, and I use it frequently), was interviewed over at Fitness Spotlight this week. Read what she has to say. Then check out her pumpkin and chicken curry recipe at the bottom of the post.

Here’s a quick bodyweight exercise from Conditioning Research: The oblique side raise.

The New York Times talks probiotics. How helpful are they, really?

You may remember Grok Star Sterling and his incredible transformation. He’s got his own blog now, aptly named Sterling Advice. Check it out!

The Off-Camera Chronicles cooks up a Primal ratatouille. Eggplants, tomatoes, and zucchini FTW!

It’s Waffle Iron Smack Down on the internet this week. Not to be outdone by reader Adam’s insanely delicious coconut waffles, Joyful Abode swings into action with her own Primal waffles. And don’t forget about longtime Primal champ Son of Grok, who brings the heat with his own waffles, old world style

Will one waffler come out victorious in this caveman cooking coconut cage match, or will they all join forces to fight the pancake robots???? It’s anyone’s guess, but it all goes down this Sunday – SUNDAY! – on WAFFLE IRON SMACKDOWN!!!!!!!

Legal Warning: Waffle Iron Smackdown does not exist, it is not a trademarked property or a patented product. Reader Adam, Joyful Abode, Son of Grok, and the pancake robots have not been informed that they are participating in a waffle iron smackdown, nor are they actually participating in a waffle iron smackdown. If you or your loved ones have ever been smacked down by a waffle iron, seek immediate medical attention.

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love – Edition 65”

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  1. Tell you what… three seconds into that “robotic pancake” video, and I was sick to my stomach.

    I’ll join forces with any other grok or grokette to spread the joy of pure, Primal pancakes and waffles any time!

    (And yes, my waffle iron will be on and in full form tomorrow (Sunday) morning!)

  2. WOO! Waffle Iron SMACK DOWN! 🙂

    Thanks for including me.

    And that pancake picker robot is insane. I wonder when it will become intelligent and turn on the factory workers.

  3. Thanks for the mention Mark. MDA followers and fellow GrokOn!ers, I look forward to seeing you on my blog.

    I started the blog, partly, as a result of the many MDAers who suggested I should. Thanks!

  4. Here’s a vote for more coverage on probiotics on MDA.

    Also, if a pancake robot makes a primal pancake, is it still primal?

  5. That pancake picker robot was awesome! Anyone who has done anything with robotics knows what an engineering feat that is even if pancakes aren’t primal.