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August 02 2009

Weekend Link Love – Edition 61

By Mark Sisson

Scientists have figured out how to remove all the cocoa butter from chocolate and replace it with starch! Now your chocolate will never melt in your hand. Nor will it ever be chocolate. And I quote from the UK Times Online article, “It?s the food technologists? holy grail.? (Thanks go out to reader Steve for the link.)

There are exercise gadgets and there is this thing. Warning, this product may not be suitable for work…or exercise, or anything else.

Want more evidence that you have the power to control your genes? Via The Independent, a Harvard study shows how yoga and meditation affect disease-fighting genes. (thanks, Mark)

In case you haven’t heard yet, Michael Phelps lost. FitSugar sums up the story and the super-suit controversy.

Pay Now Live Later walks us through his Primal vacation. Quite a fun pictorial.

Early this week I posted Primal wedding pictures from a couple MDA followers. Turns out they have their own photoblog, Simple Feasts, which includes some tasty Primal meal pics. Take a look!

And finally, reader Chris found this interesting lunchbox at a local restaurant. They spelled the name backwards!

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  1. Wow, Glen Korg had a very different life 72,000 years ago. Good for him!

  2. To be fair he (Michael Phelps) has come back with a vengeance and won everything else since, breaking records along the way.

  3. At least most of the comments on the cocoa butter-less chocolate article are of the “what the —-?” variety…

  4. The shake weight? Hilarious. I can think of a very similar exercise women can do that would also please the man in their life. And for no extra cost!

  5. I’ll take my chocolate fat and melty, thank you very much.

    I was so amused by the er, shake weight. Can’t imagine doing it with a straight face.

  6. The Shake Weight does seem like a muscle-memory trainer for..other things.