Weekend Link Love – Edition 60

Primals in Seattle are thinking about meeting up with one another. If you live in Seattle and are interested meeting some like-minded, meat-eating, Ultimate frisbee-playing modern day Groks check out this forum thread.

For all the Primal meat eaters out there, here’s a taste of hilarious Brit comedy from That Mitchell & Webb Look.

Want more? Watch the same guys ridicule homeopathic medicine. Funny stuff.

Food, Inc. is a  documentary that digs into the twisted world of modern food production. If you missed its theatrical run, you may have to wait for the DVD release. But in the mean time I’d still suggest reading Free the Animal‘s top notch review of the film.

Ready for more research showing how effective a Primal diet is? Cardiovascular Diabetology is coming out with more support for the benefits of a Primal/paleo diet in battling type 2 diabetes.

Follow Zen Habits and learn to be still.

And finally, it’s rare to find a fad diet spam ad that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is…

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  1. Thanks for the mention to our possible meet-up. I’m really hoping this happens.
    jose aka erstad17

  2. Awesome stuff with the Mitchell and Webb video I have loved those guys for years but guess its all new to those over in the USA. If your interested in more of their work and like the sense of humor checkout “peep show”

    Again thanks for the great links making my Sunday afternoon that bit more interesting…..

  3. I just finished reading Food Inc. and it has radically changed my relationship with food. I am more conscious as a consumer about where my food is coming from and the types of food I put in my body. Great book!

  4. The Cardiovascular Diabetology study is good, but makes the point the the diet is lower in total calories.

    the effects are unclear if, like me, one is on a primal diet high in calories, aiming to gain weight.