Weekend Link Love – Edition 58

Network news outlets occasionally drudge up a “look how many calories are in food!” report.  Dr. Eades points out the sloppy and fallacious reporting behind ABC’s most recent fat bash. It’s an absolute joy to watch Eades use real science to prove that the biggest plate of bloated tripe is the one ABC is feeding the viewer.

Can you name the 500 functions the liver performs for your body? If not, read Food Renegade’s comprehensive post on what the liver does, what hurts it, and what keeps it healthy.

FitSugar points out there is more to garlic than the bulb.

Karen De Coster gets Primal in Detroit. Follow her fun, lunchtime decathlon, it’s quite a pictorial!

Not really Primal-related, just fascinating: Apparently in the future we’ll need firewalls in our heads to protect brain hackers. Via Wired Science.

Primal Recipe Corner:

  • Eat, Be and See whips up some chia seed pudding. So simple, so good.
  • Adam Kayce posted a lip-smacking coconut pancake/waffle recipe on the comments section of March’s coconut flour post.
  • Primal lasagna?! Girl Gone Primal makes it happen. Admittedly, it looks nothing like classic Chef Boyardee lasagna. Then again, thank goodness it looks nothing like classic Chef Boyardee lasagna.
  • Joyful Abode serves up another well photographed Primal quickie– pork breakfast sausage.

And finally, it’s toilet time: If this contraption doesn’t help you poop like Grok, perhaps you should try this student-designed, award-winning yoga toilet. (And thanks, NeoPaleo, for starting the “squat” discussion in the forum!)

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