June 21 2009

Weekend Link Love – Edition 55

By Mark Sisson

“You don’t run against a bloody stop watch, do you hear? A runner runs against himself, against the best that’s in him. Not against a dead thing of wheels and pulleys. That’s the way to be great, running against yourself– against all the rotten mess in the world; against God, if you’re good enough…”
-William Persons

The above quote kicks off a glorious article on sprinting from BodyBuilding.com. Well worth the read.

Congratulations to the L.A. Lakers. You’re a great basketball player, Lamar Odom. But, what’s up with this?!!!

Squash blossoms are in season. Robin Shuster describes them as “…nature’s way of giving you ravioli without having to make the dough.” Whether stuffed with crab or drizzled with olive oil, learn about squash blossoms over at NPR.


Regular dips just aren’t enough fun anymore? Watch WarriorTraining’s video on how to make your own dip belt. Yet another way to put your kettlebell to good use.

Laurie Kendrick statistically proves that bread is the #1 cause of death. Heed her super serious warning.

Okay, this is the last one of these and I’ll stop. First there was the horror of the whole canned chicken. Then cheeseburgers sunk to a new low. Today the world of canned abominations runs amok. The canned Russian herring should be relabeled, “Canned Russian Scare.”

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  1. Always a great end to the week. Some good reading for a Sunday Night!! The article on sprinting from BB.com is a winner, that site has some gold on it if your willing to put in the effort!

  2. I made the sausage gravy for my eggs this morning. I added almond flour to the recipe. This was the best primal meal ever. I had planned on having extras for tomorrow, but a bunch of non-primals devoured it.

  3. ok, the canned assortment was hilarious!
    Russian canned fish – when canned food attacks! That whole thing was like a horror-flick in still photos. At least we know what a canned whole chicken looks like (NO! thanks)

  4. Hey, Mark! Has anyone researched sprinting on a BIKE versus sprinting/running? I would imagine the benefits should be the same, but with less impact. Opinions?

  5. Man I have a TON of squash blossoms (50′ of squash plants, already harvested about 45# of squash), going to have some tonight!

  6. Ooh . . . I think I have some clients who need to see that sprinting article . . . Thanks Mark!

  7. Thanks for linking to my blog, Mark – I’d love to know if anyone tries the recipes for themselves! Meanwhile, I need to go see a man about another fish…

  8. I’ve been seeing squash blossoms everywhere! Do you just find them at the grocery store? Or?

    I think the only things I would trust canned are legumes, and some veggies and fruits. Canned asparagus, for example, gets so mushy!

  9. Thanks for linking to my blog Mark. I really appreciate it. Your site impresses me.

    I’ve also recently discovered almond flour. I’m in between jobs right now and can’t always afford it, but when I can, I love the flavor and texture it gives other foods.

    Thansk again!

    Laurie Kendrick