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Weekend Link Love – Edition 53

A Grape Nut is neither a grape nor a nut. What exactly is it? As one consumer guesses, “Wheat, barley, and nuclear fusion.” The Wall Street Journal has a top notch piece on the mysteries of the grape nut [1] and a 100 year history of a public eager to gobble down pure marketing.

Looking for a way to make chili taste better? Add some kelp. Head over to Food Renegade for the recipe [2].

You thought whole-chicken-in-a-can [3] was bad? From Dig Your Own Grave, this is even worse [4].

Because I’ve gone more than a day without promoting my book, the first few pages are up for preview on the Amazon page [5], and you can hear me talking about it in a podcast over at Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy. [6]

Via Slate, hooray for Lard! [7]

Gravity? Olympic gymnast Damien Walters has no use for it. Watch his jaw-dropping parkour demo reel. [8]

I’m not a big exercise gear-head, but Fitness Spotlight put together a list of top 9 must have gear [9] that even Grok would be happy with.

And finally, be just like dad [10].