Weekend Link Love – Edition 53

A Grape Nut is neither a grape nor a nut. What exactly is it? As one consumer guesses, “Wheat, barley, and nuclear fusion.” The Wall Street Journal has a top notch piece on the mysteries of the grape nut and a 100 year history of a public eager to gobble down pure marketing.

Looking for a way to make chili taste better? Add some kelp. Head over to Food Renegade for the recipe.

You thought whole-chicken-in-a-can was bad? From Dig Your Own Grave, this is even worse.

Because I’ve gone more than a day without promoting my book, the first few pages are up for preview on the Amazon page, and you can hear me talking about it in a podcast over at Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy.

Via Slate, hooray for Lard!

Gravity? Olympic gymnast Damien Walters has no use for it. Watch his jaw-dropping parkour demo reel.

I’m not a big exercise gear-head, but Fitness Spotlight put together a list of top 9 must have gear that even Grok would be happy with.


And finally, be just like dad.

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  1. Oh goodness… that burger in a can is so disgusting looking.

    Also love the fitness gear list. I’m currently saving for a bike, but maybe I’ll get a jump rope first. woo hoo!

  2. Man, bubble gum cigarettes. “When I was a boy!” it was chocolate or candy smokes. Mmmmm, wonder why I smoked for 10 years?

    How insidious are these tactics, I wonder if the above was created by big tobacco or just a misguided confectioner?

  3. “The grain was tipping into mills that ground it into flour. Until five years ago, the mills spat out the husks for cattle feed. Now they stay in, so Grape Nuts can sell as “whole grain.” That is one change in Mr. Post’s formula. Another is a spray of vitamins and minerals. It qualifies Grape Nuts for food-stamp programs…”

    The whole grain scam at its best! Keep the cattle feed in there so they can make a claim on the package! Spray on some vitamins (doesn’t matter what to) and get it on the food stamp list! Is THAT why all breakfast cereals are “fortified”? For food stamp reasons?

  4. @freeagent

    Yeah, the ones wrapped in paper? There was powdered sugar between the gum and the paper and if you blew hard enough it looked like smoke. And they came in packs that looked just like actual cigarette boxes. And then there were the cigars and the chewing tobacco-like Big League Chew pouches… Just like a real grown-up! (sarcasm)

  5. So after hearing you talk about them for over the year I’ve been reading MDA everyday, I finally bought Five Fingers. I had just been reading about them more and more, and finally my friend told me she bought them and was raving about them at dinner on Saturday. Sunday morning, I went to City Sports (luckily, there is a place that actually stocks them in Boston), and bought a pair of the Five Finger Sprints. I have no idea how I lived without them.

    Yes, I got some weird looks. Yes, a lot of people doubted my questioning of modern shoes. But I think in my one day of wearing them (around Boston and helping my friend move), I probably convinced 2-5 people to ditch the Nikes and get a pair. I had my doubts (especially for the money) but I was sold after a block of jogging. I can’t wait to take them into the gym tonight (assuming my conventional wisdom brainwashed school lets me in with them).

    1. I live in a teeny town with one shoe store (around the corner from my house!) & I walked in the other day & there were the 5-fingers! I searched the net for “beach shoes” & the like, not knowing at the time what they were called. I have a pair on lay-away…

      Can’t wait!