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Weekend Link Love — Edition 526

Research of the Week

A low-carb, high-fat diet improves glucose control and lowers fasting insulin in people with Type 2 diabetes, whether they walk after meals or not [1].

Many cases of dementia may come down [2] to non-inherited random errors during DNA replication.

An active commute through natural settings is a reliable recipe [3] for good mental health.

Human neurons are uniquely powerful and self-contained [4].

Blue light is more disruptive to sleep when viewing [5] emotionally salient material.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 283: Jolene Goring [6]: Host Elle Russ chats with Jolene Goring about the powerful effects of systemic enzymes.

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Interesting Blog Posts

How to raise less materialistic kids [8].

Music [9] makes living through conflict bearable.

Media, Schmedia

Nebraska school cook serves kangaroo chili, gets bounced from job [10].

The implications of consumer gene tests are always changing [11].

Everything Else

Chinese city to launch a fake moon [12] with a “dusk-like glow” to replace streetlights.

Why didn’t ancient literature discuss [13] “feelings”?

Humans are unique in our ability to produce ketones [14].

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Videos I’m loving: The videos from the 2018 Ancestral Health Symposium [15] are live!

Study I’ll have to take a closer look at: The more exercise, the better [16].

This is another reason why I love entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs may have saved the bees [17].

Study I’m, well, studying: High cholesterol in keto-adapted athletes [18].

I’m not surprised: The World Health Organization ignored two major studies into the health effects of meat [19] when writing its analysis of meat’s dangers.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

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Comment of the Week

“More great ‘anti-hype’ from Mark Sisson!”

– Thanks, Philip May [24]. Nice description of what I try to do.