Weekend Link Love — Edition 523

Research of the Week

Replacing some of the flour in pasta with beef lung powder makes it way healthier—more protein, lower blood glucose response.

Average American kid gets almost 4 hours of screen time and less than an hour of physical activity every day. Those who get more physical play and less screen time tend to be more cognitively advanced.

Roundup hurts honeybee gut bacteria. What does it do to ours?

Antidepressant users need to watch their light intake—more natural stuff during the morning and day, less artificial at night.

Genes are more important than you think, but they aren’t everything.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 279: John Assaraf: Host Elle Russ chats with mindset expert John Assaraf.

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Interesting Blog Posts

How to use a chair.

How the “perfect tree” became a nightmare.

Media, Schmedia

Most vegetarians go back to meat.

Poetry’s place in the hospital.

Everything Else

If we’d only look at the inflammatory and dietary causes of acne, we might not need “acne positivity.”

I don’t think a bit of steel wool will keep this chicken coop intruder out.

White Castle’s new vegetarian burger ain’t nothing to consume.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Awesome (but not surprising) news: Woman comes back from end-stage Alzheimer’s (doctors were recommending euthanasia!) by implementing the Bredesen method, a total diet/lifestyle/supplement/exercise shift.

Heart disease explanation I find credible: The oxidized linoleic acid hypothesis.

Video I’m enjoying: The reactions of color-blind people at a park using a special device to finally see something we take for granted. “The difference between here and heaven.”

This could mean great things for MDA readers: Intelligence protects against Alzheimer’s.

I don’t blame them: Early farmers grew grains for beer, not bread.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sep 23 – Sep 29)

Comment of the Week

“It’s easier if you remember to salt food at every step in the cooking process, and add as much as possible as early as possible. If you only salt at the end, everything tastes much saltier than it is. And by the way, I can recommend plain salted yoghurt: much tastier than without salt, and can take enormous amounts of salt. Salted dark chocolate is good too though.”

Ghost is giving cooking advice that would give your average cardiologist a heart attack.

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