Weekend Link Love — Edition 520

Research of the Week

Insulin suppression enhances weight loss.

Good things—like higher incomes—come to those who wait.

Interestified soybean oil isn’t any healthier than regular soybean oil.

Kids who drank colostrum higher in omega-3 DHA and lower in omega-6 linoleic acid ended up with higher IQs.

Doing breakfast 90 minutes later and dinner 90 minutes earlier than usual was enough to lower body fat.

In a small study, keto appears to work well in Parkinson’s patients.

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Episode 276: Dr. Ken Berry MD: Host Elle Russ chats with Dr. Ken Berry about diabetes and how to navigate the battery of lab tests and doctor visits.

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Interesting Blog Posts

What is the cult of “safetyism” doing to our kids?

Does modern psychedelic research have a big blind spot?

Media, Schmedia

A guy just did the Continental Divide trail barefoot.

Where’s the sperm?

Everything Else

Humans aren’t just destroying their own ancestral knowledge.

Wait, you mean to tell me that a company called “goop” may have overstated the health benefits of women inserting stone eggs into their vaginas?

Probably goop’s fault.

Now they just need to add a fourth chamber, flood it with dubstep, and see if MDMA keeps the octopus from attempting suicide.

Archaeologists unearthed the world’s oldest sample of solid cheese from a 3200 year old Egyptian tomb.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Film you should consider supporting: Food Lies—all the lies they’ve fed us about what we should be feeding ourselves, exposed. Featuring yours truly.

This seems like a conflict of interest: Oxycontin billionaire awarded the patent for opioid treatment.

What I’m wondering: Hey Saturn, what’s going on over there?

Word to the carnivores: Medicinal use of herbs and teas among the meat/milk/blood-eating Maasai.

Article I enjoyed: How many sets should you be doing?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sep 2 – Sep 8)

Comment of the Week

“Regarding sauna risks, this begs for a new product. ‘Sack Saver’ or ‘Codpiece Cooler’ or perhaps ‘Boyz in the Fridge’”

– Buying up domain names for all of ’em just to be safe, Neanderchow.

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  1. Dave Murray has my respect. We recently did a very small piece of the Continental Divide Trail at Berthoud Pass in Colorado (11,307 ft., near Winter Park.). Intimidating would be an understatement. It goes right over the mountains. Average trail elevation is around 10,000 ft. Difficult enough in boots since it can snow in the high country any time of the year. Doing it barefoot is mind-boggling.

  2. Thank you for the link to the “safetyism” article. I as born in 1990, whereas my only sibling, my sister, was born in 1998. We’re not terribly far apart in age, but this article really speaks to how different I feel we are. I had been thinking it was something personal about her growing up more of an “only” child when I went off to college and beyond, but it’s interesting to see this is more of a generation thing. I had all the child seats and safety things, but still was allowed to run around the nieghborhood and play in the creek and climb trees, etc. Whereas my sister seems emotionally scared of everything.

    Again Thsnk you got the really interesting read – I’m looking forward to reading the full book.

  3. “In addition to the penalty, the company will provide refunds to customers who ask.”

    I’m curious to know how Goop is handling the returns.

  4. The insulin suppression study is wild. 15 kg extra fat loss after one year compared to placebo. That’s a massive difference.

  5. In the article about “safetyism” there was a statement about “screen time replacing unstructured and unsupervised play time.” It occurred to me that as an adult, screen time is taking up a lot of my unstructured and unsupervised play time (yeah, while I sit here and type this!). We are such social creatures. Even though say no to cell phones and most social media platforms, I’m still as nosy about what’s going on as everyone else in the world. I need to make more of a mental effort to protect my play time (and the play time of my kids!).