Weekend Link Love — Edition 517

Research of the Week

Breastfeeding for six months protects against dental malocclusion.

Roundup Ready… breakfast cereal?

A weak grip spells health troubles for everyone.

Taking DMT mimics the near death experience.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 271: Arielle Ford: Host Elle Russ chats with Arielle Ford about manifesting love (which some say is all you need).

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Interesting Blog Posts

Protein and your kidneys.

There is a possibility that we are only in a short lull between sabercats.”

War has always been hell. Could the real cause of the modern PTSD epidemic be a uniquely modern input: brain damage from massive explosions?

Media, Schmedia

Everybody has a limit.

Monsanto takes another hit in court.

Everything Else

Scientists crack the wheat genome.

Did John Muir mess up Yosemite?

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Wine I’d drink: The one Tania Teschke recommends. Speaking of which, check out Tania’s site for great recipes and upcoming free events.

I can already feel my inbox bulging at the seams: “Low-carb diets could shorten life, study says.”

Article I’m reading: “Why drink is the secret to humanity’s success.”

Study I found interesting: After their liberation from Japanese rule in 1945, Korean skull size skyrocketed.

This isn’t medical advice: Briefs replace the pill.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 12 – Aug 18)

Comment of the Week

“My daughter came into my study while I was reading this and yelled ‘MOM … dad is worried about how much protein he’s eating!!!’ I told her I’m just reading an article on my go to health site LOL. ”

– Hilarious, HealthyHombre.

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  1. Because God forbid we should discuss breastfeeding and not have some oatmeal-for-brains make it about sex.

    1. I think that Aaron just won the “comment of the week” competition…

  2. Happy to see the study on low-carb diets is pending in your queue, Mark! I’m sure I’m one of many who would love to read your insight…

    The concentration on macro intake as a percentage throughout the study seems very misleading to me. They claim that carbohydrate intakes of 50% are ideal for longevity, however there is no baseline given for how many total calories are being ingested by the participants? Nor their general level of fitness and/or exercise routine?

    With a 4000 calorie maintenance, it would be a breeze to take in 2000 calories from carbohydrates whilst consuming plenty of protein and fat. But what about a 2000 calorie diet? That leaves only 1000 calories for BOTH protein and fat intake? Doesn’t seem the healthiest for an active individual…

  3. I knew my children were “unique!” Breastfed exclusively for at least six months (first one was almost a year), but we still spent thousands on orthodontia.

    1. yeah, me too. The first two were breastfed for 6 months exactly (due to #2 and #3 in quick succession). Guess which two need/have braces.

  4. Re the Korea story, in other obvious news that’s obvious, the children of my husband’s generation who were raised in the US & Canada are all a head taller than their parents who were raised in India.

  5. Ayahuasca and DMT…two old friends.

    Amy Berger and Ted Naiman rock.

    Yosemite and the native americans article was excellent. If anyone has time, read about Hetch Hetchy, a close by other valley of pristine beauty that was ruined.

  6. I’m always suspicious of studies that ask people what they ate over the years totally from memory. The variance from what people thought they ate compared to what they actually ate is obvious to anyone who has ever logged their dietary intake for the first time. Once one regularly logs food intake, then their estimates get more accurate, but the average person’s “guesstimates” are bound to be highly inaccurate. I can easily imagine different people with the exact same dietary history having totally different recollections of what their macro ratios were.
    Just more junk science with some obvious biases that too many people will accept as a valid study.

  7. Note that it took about five minutes for an article about breastfeeding to be sexualized by one person, and then later to have that comment applauded by another. One of the reasons that some women struggle to breastfeed successfully is the relentless sexualization and objectification of their breasts by the media and by individuals. I’m sad and angry that “humor” that is hurtful to people is allowed to stand here.

    1. The only way to deal with what you’ve done once you discover what you’ve done is to retreat from the society that tricked you.

  8. Cause and effect is typically difficult to identify. Weak grip versus longevity is interesting, may just point to less activity in the individual. I inherited scrawny wrists and small hands and over the years have done a lot of grip and forearm training just trying to attain average grip strength for a guy. The study linking consumption of alcohol and longevity, with the hypothesis that the intereaction with others may be the key was also thought-provoking. I wonder if strong family ties and friendships along with a healthy lifestyle would engender that longevity without requiring alcohol as part of the equation. Blue zone types of studies indicate as much.

  9. I bought the Bordeaux Kitchen cookbook a few weeks ago and have to say it is the the most comprehensive and Primal! cookbook I have ever seen! Tania has certainly done a ton of research and presented it in such an enjoyably readable way. I don’t remember ever taking a cookbook with me to bed to read before I fall asleep….and what sweet dreams I had!
    The Boeuf Bourguignon recipe is so delicious!
    It could easily be a “coffee table” book it is so gorgeous…great photography! (Tania also took all the photos!)
    It is totally inspiring!

  10. It is interesting how threatened people (esp. nutritionists)feel when their ‘comfort food’ esp sugars! (And here I am referring to high carb foods in general)Has been shown decidedly to cause all kinds of disease states! Wow, can they get defensive!
    I have been following Mikhaila’s ‘Don’t Eat That’ blog and it has been a great learning experience. Recently a nutritionist wrote an attack through Instagram and Mikhaila’s reply was spot on!!!

  11. Actually, I remember reading about chocolate and cannabinoids before. Should read before posting? Thought the library computer time was about to run out but there’s extensions, no difference, after an hour I want back outside again after this one.

  12. https://www.sott.net/article/393976-The-king-of-oils-The-many-benefits-of-frankincense-essential-oil
    I found a bit of frankincense oil a while ago and found that deeply smelling it from the bottle was enjoyable and somewhat soothing. I don’t have a lot of experience with essential oils but I’ve also had some experience with some sort of lemony one, sandalwood, tea tree oil, peppermint oil (I’d ingest small amounts of that one, often purposefully as a bronchodilator and throat soother, sometimes because I thought it would be good to increase O2 in my brain (like when smoking stuff); a lot of it – like a few drops even – would make me cough instead of being soothing to the respiratory system), I smelled patchouli once and liked it, cedar in incense smells good, but the smoke of incense pretty much invariably bothers my nose. I’m probably missing some but suffice to say I think all of those are good (caveat: maybe not burning them).