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Weekend Link Love – Edition 51

Tummy tucking and breast augmentation are behind the times. In the world of useless, invasive surgery, the fashionable thing to do is get the fat sucked out of your eye sockets [1]. (Thanks to Dr. Eades [2] for digging up this one)

Are pets good for your health [3]? Read Cranky Fitness to find out. (Warning: Lolcats included)

If you’ve got an hour, this video of Gary Taubes [4] does a great job of summing up his wonderful book, Good Calories, Bad Calories [5]. (thanks for posting this in the forum, Tim!)

Zen Habits has an epic list of 55 ways to get more energy [6]. The list is solid, but if you’re an MDA regular, you’ll probably spot the 4 I don’t agree with.

What’s the worst fast food you’ve ever seen? Go Healthy Go Fit points toward Dominos’ Pasta Bread Bowl [7]. If you can find something worse, leave it in the comments section.

And finally from Elana’s Pantry–wrong or right–an almost-Primal twinkie recipe [8] (just be careful with the agave nectar).