Weekend Link Love — Edition 509

Research of the Week

Medium chain triglycerides increase ketones and brain energy metabolism in Alzheimer’s patients.

Got treatment-resistant cluster headaches? Try going keto for three months.

Prestige boosts testosterone in men.

Creatine improves cognition in healthy people.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 255: James Broderick: Host Elle Russ chats with James Broderick, a rewilding expert who helps Silicon Valley residents ditch their domestication.

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Interesting Blog Posts

How cannabis can fight (and is fighting) opioid addiction.

Otzi reveals the reach of Copper Age trade.

Media, Schmedia

Rural Americans are gaining weight.

Hanger strikes even the nice among us.

Everything Else

Coffee is still safe.

Next you’ll tell me they were feathered.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

I’m entirely unsurprised: There are many promising non-drug treatments for ADHD, but many docs, experts, and patients have no idea.

I love irony: Mindfulness meditation maintains performance but inhibits motivation.

It’s about time, I’m incredibly excited: The FDA unveils 8 new fiber types.

I’d swing these: Star Wars kettlebells.

I feel like I’ve read this study several times before: Low-carb diets are safe for kidneys of type 2 diabetic patients.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jun 17 – Jun 23)

Comment of the Week

“‘If you’re afraid of butter use cream.’”

– Thanks for gracing us, Julia.

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  1. Thought I’d share some of my most recent photos, which I have submitted to the Grok Pose contest. I barely ever have my picture taken and these are just about a week old from when my brother came to visit and we chilled out and monkeyed around in a forest. I’m climbing three trees at once in these. I couldn’t decide on one pic for the contest so I sent all three; I figure if any are deemed suitable to advance to the finals Mark et al would pick a single one.
    And here are some more from the same tree climbing session series.
    Hopefully quick new video coming soon to my Youtube page (bro hasn’t sent it) in which after those photos were taken I climb down in a sort of crunken monkey style. (ok, well to be specific all that climbing was actually done crunken human style).

  2. I agree with the mindfulness affecting motivation blurb – on the surface anyway – having skimmed and printed but not yet read the full 15 page report, which BTW is available free here:


    Once I finally connected the “flow” dots last fall to discover that I can eliminate breathing as a limiting factor for non-stop running, I’m left with building endurance (for distance) and power (for finish time). Both of which can be obtained given sufficient desire. I’d learned decades ago that the only one I’m actually competing with is myself. The others are either passing me or colorful waypoints on the way to the finish line. So the western world’s primary solution of powering through everything with do or die “will power” is quite unnecessary. With these insights piling up, my long runs for another personal best have gone by the way side too. So soon old, so late smart.

  3. My clustered headaches disappeared after about six months of a ketogenic diet. Even without the loss of excess blubber and all the energy I found, this made the change worth it. No more wasted days.