Weekend Link Love — Edition 506

Research of the Week

Spin classes: good for your fitness, bad for your ears.

Merging academics with physical activity boosts both without sacrificing either.

In older adults, “negative wealth shocks” increase all-cause mortality.

A packed schedule kills productivity.

Keto-related changes to the gut biome mediate the reduction in seizure activity.

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Episode 249: Wendy Myers: Host Elle Russ chats with Wendy Myers about the truth behind detox.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Yes, you can still have bacon.

It’s hard to fathom the psychological toll of long-term space travel.

Media, Schmedia

Bakeries, candy shops receive bomb threats. Sugar cane plantation workers found beheaded. Unilever exec found smothered in canola oil-based margarine. Will nothing stop these keto-paleo zealots?

Pullups are useful.

Everything Else

How mental “deficits” can actually become strengths.

Britain gets CAFOs.

Seattle mussels test positive for opioids.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

I agree with this list: 13 health experts to help you live better and more creatively.

I’m entirely unsurprised: Turns out that overfeeding butter and coconut oil to the tune of 1000 extra calories is not a good treatment for fatty liver. Go figure.

Concept I’m pondering: Are dreams real? Does the distinction actually matter?

I’m even entirelyer unsurprised: Incentives matter.

I’m skeptical of the distinction made: Cheap bread, expensive bread—it’s all bread.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (May 27– Jun 2)

Comment of the Week

“Sure, but now you have to carry a copy of that study around with you to show you mean it from a purely scientific perspective.”

– That’s good advice, Joanne.

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  1. Gyms have been way too loud for a long time. It’s a sick hold over from the drug culture. The noise also increases stress and that reduces muscle growth. It’s time the gyms lowered the volume.

  2. Detox ? Come on…

    Btw interesting health experts list. Thanks.

  3. Gyms aren’t usually as loud as some restaurants I’ve been in. We don’t eat out often any more, but I used to have to ask them to please turn the music down. I always felt like I was stuck inside a boom box, even in the upscale joints. You can’t hear yourself think, much less carry on a conversation with a companion. Music in such places should be barely audible, strictly in the background if present at all, but apparently many businesses can’t understand that.

  4. All those detox products? Nothing but moneymakers, regardless of what you might have heard. The truth about detox is that it’s rarely necessary. In most cases the body is quite capable of detoxing itself, and you run the risk of screwing things up by interfering. The best way to assist this totally automatic and very efficient process is by keeping your immune system in good shape with a healthful diet and sufficient exercise.

  5. I will give you that we have too much noise pollution in our society. I prefer no music in a gym as most people have devices / headphones they wear if they want to listen to music and then they can listen to a genre they prefer. Studies have shown that upbeat music helps people to exercise at an improved pace. “It’s a sick hold over from the drug culture” … where did you come up with this ridiculous assertion???

  6. This was supposed to be a response to Tuba LOL what the heck? OK, I’m going to go work out and listen to a little music to get me going, and it won’t be the tuba I can guarantee you that.

  7. I, for one, would like to know what it is about vegans or veganism that drives them to make death threats and vandalize property like this. You don’t see that from people eating in other “alternative” ways like primal/paleo, keto, carnivore, etc.

  8. Not enough saturated fatty acids for brain health. Or dietary cholesterol.

    I kid.


    You are right, though. Vegans seem to really have this nasty attitude. Not all, mind you. But as a percentage, they seem to have the highest amount.

  9. It seems that my comment from yesterday got eaten, so I’ll try again:
    I think that the “Merging academics with physical activity” article is very remarkable. Though the headline says that the intervention increased physical activity, the body admits that weekly physical activity remained constant – it merely shifted to the math classes. Also, I notice that there is no mention of the resulting academic skills. Instead, the article talks about “greater focus” as a positive aspect – but the connection between focussing on running in place and increased math skills is not obvious.