Weekend Link Love — Edition 502

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Someone was butchering rhinoceros in the Philippines 700,000 years ago.

A study finds that Koreans tend to prefer harder rice and Americans prefer softer rice. It’d be interesting to gauge the nature/nurture influence by looking at the preferences of Korean-Americans and biracial children of Korean and American parents.

Compared to those raised in rural settings with animals around, young healthy adults raised in urban settings without animals exhibit an exaggerated immune response to social stress and take longer to quell to resultant inflammation.

Among a group of 104 patients admitted to a mental health facility in the UK, just 8.7% were vitamin D-sufficient.

Type 2 diabetics who went keto for a year enjoyed lower inflammation, higher HDL, fewer small-dense LDL particles, and an improved HDL:triglyceride ratio.

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Episode 241: Max Lugavere: Max is an expert on the interplay between nutrition and cognitive health.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Carnivore Shawn Baker explores his “elevated” blood sugar numbers.

Sugar, not salt, is a likely cause of kidney stones.

Media, Schmedia

An incredibly rare form of eye cancer strikes two groups in two states.

Wrestler faces.

Everything Else

Have you seen a worse attempt at intermittent fasting?

Roundup is in just about every food.

The dystopian sci-fi future we’ve all read about is slowly unfolding before our very eyes.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Article I’m pondering: Is depression a physical illness?

Reality we’ll have to grapple with in the near future: Lab-grown meat is getting cheap enough to make economic sense.

I’m always impressed when I read about this stuff: Why medieval antibiotics worked (and still work).

I can notice a difference among peers who train and don’t: Aging brain correlates with aging brawn.

I think I know one reason why obesity was so rare in China: “Prior to the last decade, there was essentially no snacking in China except for hot water or green tea.”

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 29 – May 5)

Comment of the Week

I’m trying to imagine what a hyperbolic chamber would look and sound like.
I think you meant “hyperbaric “. ?

– Stop exaggerating, His Dudeness.

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