Weekend Link Love — Edition 500 (With a Grok Giveaway)

weekend_linklove in-lineToday marks our 500th Weekend Link Love.

It’s a big day. This is our 500th edition of Weekend Link Love. 500 Sundays. And it’s actually a bit more than that—because before WLL became the official name and slot, we did other links posts. There was “Friday Link Love,” and “5 Links You’ll Love!” (talk about setting the bar a little too low), and “Hit the Links!” My personal favorite was “Los Linky Links.” I still regret not sticking with that one. The alliteration is just killer.

Things have changed so much. Take a look at the very first WLL from all the way back to June 7, 2008. Check out that crisp, clean URL. See how the content has grown, the interest has expanded, and the quality has improved.

Many people write to me saying that WLL is a favorite part of their week, something they look forward to every Sunday. A vocal minority even claim it’s their favorite post on MDA itself, better than the feature articles. I love writing them. I love learning new things, learning that what I thought last week might need rethinking. The world is such an interesting place right now, and the Internet is a powerful tool for exploring it.

Here’s to 500 more…. And thanks for taking the ride with me.

Research of the Week

Muscle mass predicts longevity, explains the entire association between higher BMIs and lower mortality.

Immediaely after watching a PETA documentary, women report eating less meat. Men do not.

Performance hack: get an audience.

After controlling for confounding variables, eating fresh produce like carrots, apples, berries, leafy greens, bananas, cucumbers, and kiwis was associated with less depression and more life satisfaction. Processed produce did not have the same link.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 237: Rob Mack: Host Elle Russ chats with the Ivy-educated, positive psychology-dispensing, executive-coaching Rob Mack about finding happiness from the inside out.

Interesting Blog Posts

NY Times readers share their antidepressant withdrawal stories.

Are the benefits of alcohol due in part to ethanol’s anti-bacterial effects?

Media, Schmedia

The French have banned food manufacturers from calling vegan-friendly fake meat products meat.

Scientists may have just cured beta-thallesemia using gene therapy.

Everything Else

This is a great premise for a kid’s book.

Good news (for now).

Early humans may have been literal brain surgeons.

You just know some Silicon Valley tech billionaire is making Old Fashioneds with superionic ice cubes.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Connection I found troubling: Statins and ALS.

Study I found fascinating: In the Bajau of Southeast Asia, “sea nomads” who’ve been breath-holding on deep dives for thousands of years, natural selection has granted them bigger spleens to use as oxygen reservoirs.

I’m not surprised: Wherever ancient humans went, large mammals went extinct.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 15– Apr 21)

Comment of the Week

Best cure for depression is apples. Daily.

– I don’t know about “cure,” but those daily apples certainly don’t hurt, Investigator.

Now For the Giveaway…

Tell me your favorite link love story—the article (or quote) that still makes you laugh or the one that changed your mind on a health or cultural issue. Maybe it’s from a long time ago or maybe it’s from this week. I’d just love to hear what you’ve gotten out of WLL over the years, what you’ve enjoyed, and what you’d like to see more of.

I’ll choose one random comment out of today’s bunch to receive a personal “Grok Bundle.” Comment here by midnight (PDT) Monday, 4/23/18, to be eligible.

  • Primal Kitchen® Gift Kit (Engraved Cutting Board, Chef’s Knife, Primal Kitchen Mayo, Balsamic Dressing & Marinade, Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
  • “I’m an Offal Chef!” Kitchen Apron
  • Primal Kitchen Shirt or Hoodie (winner’s choice)
  • $50 Gift Certificate to PrimalBlueprint.com

Thanks for stopping in today, everybody. Good to have you with us, and enjoy your Sunday.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. I first checked out your site while researching natural cures for migraines and the kept coming back to learn how to cope with chronic illness via nutrition.

  2. Congrats on 500! I love these columns! They just make my Sunday mornings.

  3. This is my favorite part mark, happy 500. As a knowledge junkie its fun to see what guys like you can dredge up.

  4. This website has changed/supported my life!
    My favorite links have been to articles about Scandinavian children playing outside in all kinds of weather.

  5. Honestly, today’s article about viruses in the atmosphere is the most fascinating article I’ve read in a long time. I had no idea that viruses lived up there and didn’t know how much they impact the environment. It also makes me wonder if Earth is a lab and we’re all being observed as some great experiment. 😉

    I also appreciated the article on trying to get off antidepressants. I struggled a couple years back to do this and it was brutal. I had to open up the capsules and count out the balls inside, lowering my dose little by little over many months to successfully quit without the brain zaps. This, while doctors said there were no withheld issues. Luckily I found that eating keto works almost as well to stop depression and doesn’t have the negative side effects the drugs did.

    Weekend Link Love is the thing on the internet that I look forward to most every week. Thanks for bringing so many interesting articles and ideas into my life!

  6. Uh oh!! It looks like the link for sea nomads is actually linked to the study on BMI and mortality. Mark, please fix quickly, I really wanted to learn about these super cool sea dudes and gals.

  7. I love learning about how food affects the gut microbiome. Because of “Leafy greens feed gut bacteria” from WLL 388 I have greens almost every day. I just hope cooking them doesn’t harm their sugar molecules.

  8. I’m a school administrator and I quote the article about prisoners getting more outdoor time than elementary school kids all the time.

    Here’s to 500 more Sundays!!

  9. Congratulations on reaching #500! So I’ve been trying to improve my half marathon time for six years now. What I learned today is that all I need is to get people to watch me during my treadmill training runs and I’ll start performing better. I wonder if someone would offer that type of service on TaskRabbit…

  10. I’ve always loved WLL, but my very favorite part of MDA is the Friday success stories. Truly find them so motivating…it’s amazing to see how many people have completely rewritten their lives by changing what they are putting into their bodies. And everyone needs to listen to Elle’s interview with Rob Mack…loved that one!

  11. “Sometimes I feel the same way: Polish cow leaves captivity, joins wild bison herd.” (not surprisingly it was actually a French cow).

  12. Happy five hundred. My favourite link was the article about school children’s behaviour improving after they went barefoot. Such was the impact upon me that the 33 children in MY class are now encouraged to either go barefoot or wear slippers during lessons. They love it. Thanks Mark and Team

  13. Congrats on 500. I started out in Primal around WLL 100 and have to say, it is my favorite day of the week. I try to read every article, even the ones that I think may not interest me. Lo and behold, I’m usually surprised.

    Two of my favorite Links have been the Haka ceremonies and the one where the killer whale knocked a seal about 100 feet into the air. Powerful stuff.

  14. After reading the very first Link, it is still holding up to the test of time. I think that says quite a bit about this path we are on.

  15. I enjoyed the brain entropy story last weekend since I love coffee!

  16. I loved the recent “From Diabetes to Athlete’s Foot, Our Bodies Are Maladapted for Modern Life”.

    I also liked “Latest study confirms an animal-free food system is not holistically sustainable”. I recently searched for articles like that in MDA’s archive and almost all the links are dead. It’s almost as hard as finding articles that says saturated fat are not evil.

  17. The article on statins and ALS is horrifying. I already shared it on Facebook.

  18. Hi, Mark! I love WLL because you always discover something new and interesting every week. Anecdote about the 40-clove Garlic Chicken recipe… I have been making it for decades and got the recipe originally from Jane Brody’s “Good Food Cookbook” first published in 1980, and subtitled “Living the High-Carbohydrate Way”! (It did suggest smearing the baked cloves on bread like butter, so there’s your ‘high-carb way’ for that recipe.) Congrats on #500!

  19. Statins and ALS… Not surprising. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, ALS is beyond nasty and has been on the rise in recent years.

    Drugs should always be eyed skeptically. Some work well with relatively few side effects–but others can cause devastating problems that are often irreversible. Choose your medications wisely based on as much information as you can find, and don’t take any of them unless it’s absolutely necessary. Do some research to see if there’s a better way to accomplish the same result. Diet and lifestyle changes can work wonders for many if not most health issues.

  20. The Alzheimer’s gene (APOE4) may confer selective advantages… at least that’s how we evolved anyway. Once again, we are the architects of our experience… we are the ones that make the lifestyle, diet and behavior choices that determines how we express ourselves (genetically speaking).

    Happy 500!

  21. I enjoy the WLL every week, and there’s always something about barefoot running, diet, or many other topics that inspires me. This week it’s the article about the bajau people and their adaptations to diving. I’ve read about them before, but every time I’m amazed.

  22. I just love the chicken and 40 cloves of garlic recipe! I eat and take garlic supplements.
    However, those who are taking blood thinners (eg, coumadin) already should be careful of this as garlic thins the blood.

  23. Loved the article about “outdoor schools” in parts of Scandinavia where kids actually go outside to learn! Made me want to play outside during my workday.

  24. Mark, thanks for putting out this post every week! I love the variety of information.


    P.S. did you try the bison meat that is sent you in Malibu?

  25. “Lessons we learn from training” in

    This link is to the blog post, “8 Lessons I’ve Learned From Exercise”, by dailyzen at medium.com. It has been my mantra for years. It got me to join a local CrossFit box, and wherever my perseverance is wavering, I go back and read it again.

    #2 and #7 especially speak to me.

    1. I missed this one whenever it appeared originally, but I got a real chuckle out of reading it this morning. He certainly nailed many of my experiences living a Primal/Paleo lifestyle.

  26. This should be a link if it isn’t already. So much good stuff in here. Not only don;t be a skinny animal but don’t eat them.

  27. Can’t believe it’s been (more than) 500 weeks! Congrats! Here’s wishing you (and the primal community you have built) another 500!

    Now for the contest…there was a link a few weeks ago about how being active today makes you healthier decades down the road. It really helped motivate me (since then I’ve been exercising to reach my 6 minute mile goal).

  28. I don’t give a damn what liberals demand I will not give up my bacon… nor my frying pan to cook it, my smoke house to cure it nor the rifle to shoot the boar.

  29. I love all the great dietary advice on how to give up grains. Great work.

  30. I LOOVE weekend love link. I read many of the links, and I’ve even sent some to Mark when I see something that you all would find interesting out in the world.

    Favorite recent quote: “If I tell people that I toss my kids holiday candy, it’s seen as some kind of affront to the American tradition. I get the “All things in moderation” lecture. Then I feel guilty for not participating and then run out to find more natural substitutes for all the junk that gets thrown at them, which leads to paleo pancakes, muffins, dark chocolate Easter bunnies and other slippery slope foods that are filled with starches and a month worth of nuts.”

    – Jennifer L., I remember those days well. Both the kids, I’m happy to say, turned out just fine, despite going without all those chocolate folkloric icons.

    Yes, I am guilty of this too!

  31. I also really enjoyed the linked article “From Diabetes to Athlete’s Foot, Our Bodies Are Maladapted for Modern Life”. It was a good read, but really I always find something enjoyable or interesting in every link love post. I always love the ones about kids because I’m always looking to improve my babies’ lives/futures. Will continue to read the link loves every Sunday!

  32. Years ago I read about an older gentleman who made his backyard into a “play” ground for himself. He also made these cool skate he would skate around in. He lived in Hawaii. I would love to have a fun backyard like that.

  33. My favorite part of WLL, besides all of it, is the recipe and time capsule sections

  34. Hooray for the French!!!! One of my favorite places in the world to really enjoy real food!!! Keeping it REAL with real butter and real meat!

  35. Mark, Congrats on 500. Always interesting reads on Wll. Enjoyed the Bajau story this week, the Daniel Lieberman story last week, and about a year ago the Adrian Ballinger story. Cheers.

  36. Congrats on the 500th WLL, Mark! I really look forward to these on the weekends. I really liked this one from WLL #497: “Having a life purpose reduces the impact of income on life satisfaction”, as well as other miscellaneous lifestyle-related topics that touch on other interesting areas such as art, history, culture, etc.

  37. Congrats on the anniversary!

    My favorite WLL article (that I can remember!) was actually last week, on the detriment of smartphone use in the bedroom. I myself am guilty of it, and am making a concerted effort to unplug from my phone (and all devices) after a reasonable hour each evening. Handy as they are, phone addiction is becoming a huge problem for younger generations. One of my favorite things to do is intentionally leave it home when I go to dinner, run errands, take a walk, etc. It’s amazing how much more “present” I feel when I don’t have a world of distractions at my fingertips.

    Thanks Mark for all that you do!

  38. I first found this site suffering a gout attack. The comment section led me to Gary Taubes lost chapter. I’ve been an avid blog reader or Applehead, ever since. WLL is like my Sunday paper to read with my coffee. As for the favorite link, I can’t remember what the story was but it was on the blog. Messynessychic. The French fake meat like is something one would find there too.

  39. There’s the Indy 500 and than there’s the MDA 500. Keep it coming.

    Link about sea nomads is broken. Here’s one for those who missed it…


  40. What I love about the WLL is the wide range of topics. There’s always something I end up digging deeper on. The reader comments are always worth reading, too!

  41. My favorite aspect of the weekend link loves are having so much “leg-work” done, keeping me from being glued to a screen for quite so long. It is so great to have this as a dependable resource. And being able to look back to see what was happening a year ago is awesome.

    As for what has been my favorite link? Coffee boosts ketones on #457.

  42. WLL is my favorite. I look forward to Sundays and doing the deep dive into both the serious and the fun stuff. Here’s to many more!

  43. WLL 409 – “Lessons we learn from training”. The linked article inspired me to finally get to work on my fitness. And whenever my perseverance waivers, I reread it to help me get back on track. Items #2 and #7 in the linked article really spoke to me.

    1. (Oops – I didn’t mean to comment on WLL 409 twice – the first comment didn’t show up until the next day, so I tried again. Then it showed up… odd.)

  44. I was first thinking I had no idea what my favorite link was but then it hit me right away …. The link to the Insitome podcast… I love it and look forward to it every week which in turn prompted me to get a 23andMe test done. No surprise on the ancestry but discovered important health information. I too look forward to the Sunday edition of MDA. Welcome to South Florida!!

  45. The articles are all interesting and I enjoy reading them. But I love the Recipe Corner section of WLL. Episode 471 for “Best Roast Potatoes Ever” is one of my favorite recipes.

  46. Weekend Link Love is my favorite blog post of the week. However, I wait until Monday mornings to read it. Great way to start my week with inspiration and information! I appreciate how I have been turned out to other online resources through MDA, my recent favorite being Nautilus and the article on Why Forests Give you Awe.

  47. I love the WLL, something I look forward to every Monday morning (I live in Europe so for me it’s online on Sunday evening, when I am usually not online). But I never miss any post on MDA. It’s difficult to think about my favorite link. What I love especially is that it links to articles that I maybe would not have otherwise found, on topics that I didnt know that I was interested in. If I had to pinpoint an exact topic that I feel that I ‘discovered’ on the WLL it’s forest bathing. i dont know when the link was (it was not too long ago) but it was not something that I wasnt really aware of before and now I try and connect with trees as much as I can.

  48. I am particularly interested when you link in WLL to anything regarding Multiple Sclerosis as my brother suffers from it. I send the news on to him and hope that his mind opens up to fighting back with more than just his medications, but to naturally up his defenses by taking care of his nutrition. Keep it up!

  49. It’s tough to boil all of the links down to one favorite. I love WLL. I consume it on Mondays as the first part of my work day (shhh). That said, I would definitely put any link that explores the benefits of sun exposure as my favorite. I love gaining more evidence and benefits to fight the maligned state of getting proper sun exposure. To the next 500!

  50. I don’t have one favorite link, but these are often my favorite posts…I like the overview of interesting perspectives I wouldn’t have come across elsewhere!

  51. Too late to attempt to win that bundle of goodies. Just like on 4/20! (Was a good one, same with 4/21 and 4/22). I could have won a Rock 95 (CBJBFM, or something like that officially) “Connect Four” (find a connection between 4 songs and it seems there’s always a $50 gift card for a restaurant and tickets to whatever – I normally just want the card) contest for the fourth time! It was very easy that day, answer was weed. Borrowed a rooming house good neighbour’s cell but the line was busy.
    Anyone from Barrie, ON?
    Piewood Pizza Joint gift card $50 would have been the prize. I found I think $4.53 on a gift card for there on the ground once. All I managed to get was a glass of beer. Didn’t even know they sold it there. What can I get to eat for this much? Oh wait, there’s a guy over there with a glass of beer. How much can I get for this? One? Least it’s free. But yeah, I would never actually pay there.

  52. Interesting alcohol and bacteria/microbe article. I figured it had potential to help with some microbial infections, dysbiosis, or preventing dysbiosis and pathogenic toxic overload by killing food poisoning causing germs before they start polluting you, and I’ve wondered for years if it can help those afflicted with toxoplasma gondii, particularly in the brain. As far as I know toxo’s generally not too debilitating to be host to, or even something to fret over normally, but apparently it really can cramp your style by causing insanity and slowing reactions, and have other effects. No doubt (that’s an educated guess) I’ve been exposed – not really worried (for example, I spent a lot of time growing up with cats after being born into a house with some). I got quite interested in that particular parasite/symbiote at times(?) because it manipulates the mammalian brain (I’m not sure if it can affect other classifications of creatures and time limits for the internet restrict me from doing more in-depth research presently).

  53. Can’t reply to my previous comment before it’s officially posted now, I suppose?
    Well there was a typo: the “(?)” should have been after “symbiote.”

  54. I like the links to the science stories where I learn something new – like the link a couple months ago to the story about Neanderthals and tools (that was on MDA right?)

  55. Grok on! This is the only website that I’ve checked every single day for the past 5 years.

  56. Happy 500! I haven’t been around for all these years, but look forward to each post.
    My favorite post from #471 is on cats – it’s not life-changing, but I give it bonus points for being totally out of left field.

    This feedback isn’t specific to a particular WLL, but I love the whole idea of this series. “Here’s some extra reading from around the web of interest!” It’s a nice break from the regular blog posts. As above, they’re not always primal-related, which is an added benefit.

  57. Amazing feat with the WLL 500! Congratulations Mark!
    My Monday morning ritual is to go through your WLL 😀
    Regular here on MDA, following as much primal lifestyle as a vegetarian can 🙂
    Love this week’s study about eating fresh produce like carrots, apples, berries, leafy greens, bananas, cucumbers, and kiwis was associated with less depression and more life satisfaction. Bring it on!

  58. I like the links to research, etc. As somebody else said, you do the legwork for us.