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Weekend Link Love – Edition 50

Many of you have experienced the multiple benefits of “IF” or “Intermittent Fasting.” Life Spotlight is redefining the term, find out why “IF” now stands for “Intermittent Feeding.” [1]

How bad is Crisco? Very, very bad [2]. Free the Animal posts footage from Fat Head all about the fat that gave fat a bad reputation.

Head over to Food Renegade to watch Michael Pollan discuss food marketing [3]. Hint: the healthiest foods aren’t the ones touting how healthy they are all over their packaging.

When he’s not linebacking, he’s chasing down a wild boar with a hunting knife. The Cleveland Browns drafted one Primal football player [4] (thanks, Terry!)

And speaking of hunting… It takes brains, even in the days of the Neanderthal [5]. (thanks, Sterling!)

General Mills gets a cease and desist order from the FDA [6]. Time to stop pouring those Cheerios into a heart shaped bowl. Too bad they turn around and publish this nonsense [7].

Congress is planning to help employers reward employees for being healthy. Is this a good idea or a bundle of problems? Read the article [8] at the Diet Blog and voice your opinion.

And finally, when lettuce is washed in water containing polliwogs, this happens [9] (look closely).