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May 17 2009

Weekend Link Love – Edition 50

By Mark Sisson

Many of you have experienced the multiple benefits of “IF” or “Intermittent Fasting.” Life Spotlight is redefining the term, find out why “IF” now stands for “Intermittent Feeding.”

How bad is Crisco? Very, very bad. Free the Animal posts footage from Fat Head all about the fat that gave fat a bad reputation.

Head over to Food Renegade to watch Michael Pollan discuss food marketing. Hint: the healthiest foods aren’t the ones touting how healthy they are all over their packaging.

When he’s not linebacking, he’s chasing down a wild boar with a hunting knife. The Cleveland Browns drafted one Primal football player (thanks, Terry!)

And speaking of hunting… It takes brains, even in the days of the Neanderthal. (thanks, Sterling!)

General Mills gets a cease and desist order from the FDA. Time to stop pouring those Cheerios into a heart shaped bowl. Too bad they turn around and publish this nonsense.

Congress is planning to help employers reward employees for being healthy. Is this a good idea or a bundle of problems? Read the article at the Diet Blog and voice your opinion.

And finally, when lettuce is washed in water containing polliwogs, this happens (look closely).

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love – Edition 50”

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  1. I always look forward to “Weekend Link Love”, and it never disappoints!!!
    Thanks Mark

  2. re. Intermittent Fasting/Feeding

    “Eat when hungry, sleep when tired.”

    Buddhist saying.

  3. I want to log on and read you stuff, and not be directed to someone else’s site while reading your articles.

    1. CJ-
      I think you must not be familiar with Mark’s site.

      Every Sunday Mark does somewhat of a “Best o’the Net” with a collection of links sourcing to articles what Mark believes might interest his readers/blog followers.

      (he’s right! I love his Weekend Link Love entries)

      During the week, you’ll notice, that Mark generally blogs about the PB. He will sometimes post a link outside of MDA, but only because it pertains to what he’s blogging about. Sometimes he just links to past entries of his own.

  4. idk, gyms where I live are stupidly expensive ($1-200/mo). being able to put it pre-tax would make it more feasible for me to join.

    For awhile, I’ve thought some sort of consumer-based tax credit for buying food from local farmers would be nice, but, of course, there’s no good way to implement that, either, unless it was ‘up to $500’ or something like that. Even that’d be nice, though.

  5. I wonder if boar hunting is going to wind up being an exclusion in his contract.

    Does anyone know if life insurance covers boar gouging?

  6. Yeah, always wash your lettuce. I have several pet snails i’ve “rescued” from the pile of lettuce they were living on at the grocery store. (I work in a produce department). Assorted insects aren’t too uncommon either. (But the bugs are usually stuporous or dead from the cold.)

  7. Since when is “preventing, mitigating, and treating” make something a drug? Isn’t that what all Real Food (ie not processed garbage) does? Like in my case, I ate Real Food and got rid of fat, high blood pressure and blood sugar problems. So is all the good Real Food I eat just really a bunch of drugs?
    Gimme a break. And this is from the same government entity that approved such winners as Vioxx and Gardasil. Of course Gardasil is still doing it’s damage. I wonder how many teenage girls have to die before that one gets pulled?
    FDA = Fatal Drug Administration.

  8. Rewarding employees for being healthy? I hope not. We’ll all miss out, because low fat and lots of servings of grain will be rewarded because the gov’t thinks it’s healthy! Hopefully we’ll be rewarded for RESULTS, like maintaining a healthy weight, blood pressure, blood sugar etc.

  9. Mark,

    Thanks for the Love! Could also call IF as Intermittent Feasting too (with the whole feast-famine model)….as long as the feast is with whole foods of course…otherwise I don’t think people will see good results on feasts of twinkies and ding dongs.

    The whole General Mills thing gets my blood going….but of course all they care about is selling fake food.