Weekend Link Love – Edition 5

Link LoveHere are some of the latest and greatest blog posts from some of the best health blogs around. Enjoy!

Conditioning Research teaches us what happens when red meat and red wine interact in the stomach.

The folks over at Diet Blog give us tips for staying active while we’re on vacation.

FitSugar teaches us how to do a multi-tasking tipping row.

Debs at Food is Love, meanwhile, briefs us on how to make a wholesome meal if your short on money and even shorter on time!

Hot on the heels of news that Burger King is releasing a “healthy” kids meal, HealthBolt examines whether kiddie meals are really worth it.

Tired of paying high prices at the grocery store? Highlight Health says it isn’t all bad because the price of corn syrup and other “nutritionally questionable” products may be phased out!

Scott over at Modern Forager reminds us why we probably shouldn’t be pounding beers (or other drinks for that matter).

Mary at Protein Powder gives us a delicious recipe for low-carb (yes, low-carb!) cous-cous. Enjoy!

Science Punk puts a price on your bodily fluids (and would like you to know that your pee is worth more than a fine champagne!)

Don’t have room for a home gym? Straight to the Bar has a solution: The Ottoman Bench!

MizFit shows us how to build strength for pull-ups.

Get Fit Slowly shares his progress on his 100 push-up challenge.

Cognitive Daily provides data that suggests high-pitched voices are more attractive.

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