Weekend Link Love — Edition 499

weekend_linklove in-lineResearch of the Week

Giving experiences as gifts rather than things fosters better relationships.

Caffeine causes brain entropy (thankfully).

A new blood test might identify Alzheimer’s before symptoms appear.

Consistent meditation training may lead to enduring improvements in sustained focus and response inhibition.

Sitting might not be great for your brain, either.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 235: Paul Robinson: Host Elle Russ chats with Paul Robinson, a fellow thyroid patient and author of Recovering with T3.

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Interesting Blog Posts

The unparalleled efficiency of the human brain may be one of the biggest hurdles for AI researchers.

Cell-to-cell, we’re only about 43% human.

Media, Schmedia

Why one man kayaked across the Atlantic not once, not twice, but three times.

Antidepressants are hard to quit.

Everything Else

Calling it now: We’ll be taking probiotic viruses in the next ten years.

Guess who’s coming to your next oyster dinner?

Keep smartphones out of the bedroom.

If you want to try morning journaling, these are some good prompts to get you started.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Something I’ll try next time I go cycling: Wayfinding.

Conspiracy theory no more: Goldman Sachs wonders in research report whether “curing patients [is] a sustainable business model.”

This is why I hate hot air dryers in public restrooms: “These results indicate that many kinds of bacteria, including potential pathogens and spores, can be deposited on hands exposed to bathroom hand dryers and that spores could be dispersed throughout buildings and deposited on hands by hand dryers.”

Sounds like an interesting idea: “Killing ourselves to live longer.”

Article that got me thinking: “Becoming a Man.”

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 8– Apr 14)

Comment of the Week

I usually don’t pay attention to fads, but this one seems worthy of digging further!

– Walked right into that. Nice one, Mister_Root.

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  1. I use my phone in bed in airplane mode to generate a binaural beat and a rainy night white noise. Grok would not do that but Grok would not live near a busy railroad and a neighbor with outdoor chihuahuas. Grok would not crank up an old favorite story on audiobooks when he couldn’t sleep but I do. The phone has a very dim red light at night (Twilight app). Is that really bad or does the no-phone advice refer instead to radiation from operating radios or attending to email, calls, and Facebook pings?

    1. Excellent question for Mark. I also do something similar with my phone when traveling because I find it hard to sleep at times.

    2. Yes, you can take my phone from my cold dead hands. I use the night shift iPhone function that makes the light more yellow and use one of the accessibility settings to make the screen even more dim, to the point that if I’m in a room with a nightlight (my mother’s bathroom, she recently moved in with us) I can’t see the screen because it’s too dim. The binaural beats with a rainstorm or podcast or audiobook sends me to dreamland quickly and, more importantly, prevents me from awakening with nightmares at 2am and getting up then because I fall back into the nightmares.
      The improvement in my sleep since I got my first iPod and started using it at night is astonishing.

  2. The article about antidepressants is of interest to me as I take 10mg of Lexapro daily to help mitigate severe panic attacks. For some reason it seems to be the only thing that provides consistent help. I’m 65 years old and it is the only pharmaceutical I take. I exercise regularly, diet is super clean, I’ve tried meditation, deep breathing, journaling, various natural supplements, therapy sessions etc. … all positive things but only the med seems to really work for me. Maybe it is the placebo affect, the mind is very powerful and if we believe something strongly enough it can manifest in a biological response. I’ve been told that a small percentage of people have problems utilizing neurotransmitters and the ad helps prevent re-uptake. I’ve spend hundreds of hours reading everything I can on the subject. Hopefully someday there will be some breakthroughs, until then I reluctantly take it daily and try not to beat myself up too much about it. Have a great day everyone!

    1. Shaming ourselves for still needing pharmaceuticals is worse than useless. I think it’s actively harmful to good mental health. I still take one medication for bipolar disorder and don’t expect that I will ever be medication free. Anybody who wants to give me lip about that is told on no uncertain terms to eff off.

  3. I’m getting pretty tired of the so-called experts who keep demonizing sitting. The human body is designed to sit. If we weren’t meant to sit we wouldn’t have joints that are hinged to facilitate the process, and we would probably have very bony, unpadded backsides. True, sitting too much isn’t a good idea, but neither is standing
    or lying down. Stay as active as you can then sit when you’re tired, and don’t stress out over it if you need some downtime with your feet up and a good book in your hands.

  4. On becoming a man… Circumcision is sexual assault. Prosecute the mutilation.

  5. Love link # 499. Now I’ve mentioned this before, what’s going to happen when it reaches 500? Prizes, contests, freebies? Luke Skywalker’s light saber? The Lord of the Rings ring? A trip to Miami? Free food? Am I the only one anxiously waiting? Come on now, some of you must be wondering.

    1. Why should anything special happen? I think you’re the only one anxiously waiting.

  6. I like what Barbara Ehrenreich wrote a lot and in the same vein I always question it when people say they want to live to be 100 (not me! I think 85 will do thanks). I don’t even read the stories that promote a long life anymore, it’s just not a goal. Live strong and die – in a timely fashion.

  7. I personally keep my phone in the bedroom in case my collage age kids would need to reach me. I used to have it literally in bed with me (had a ridiculously long cord to charge it) but I’ve found that I sleep so much better when it is left charging across the room. And if I do wake up in the night, I’m not tempted to check what time it is. For me, part of the problem was getting sucked into scrolling through Instagram as well as feeling that I needed to respond to every single comment and DM immediately. But good sleep is so much more important!

    1. To each his own. We all do whatever works best for us. I have a dumb phone (versus a smart phone). It makes and receives calls and gives me the time of day, and that’s about it.

      I went through a period of thinking I wanted/needed a smart phone and then, after rethinking, realized I really don’t. I see way too many people with their faces glued to their phone to want any part of that scene. It just doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle. I know a woman who fell down a hill and broke her leg in several places because she was playing with her phone when she should have been watching where she was going. Serious injuries are never funny, but I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. .

      I never have my phone in the bedroom with me unless I’m expecting an emergency-type call. Everything else can wait. If it’s important they’ll call back.

      1. Totally hear you Shary…to each his own. For me there are so many positives to the smart phone…through social media (mostly Instagram) I’ve been able to reach so many more people with my health message than I ever could through my blog and website. It’s also been a great way to connect with people, many of whom have become friends in real life, and keep up with people that I meet when I travel. My feel is filled with stuff that inspires me or educates me. But totally know what you mean about the people with their faces glued to their phones. Nothing is more annoying to me than people who are out to eat together and are both glued to their phones.

  8. Loved the story about Doba, the Polish man who kayaked across the Atlantic three times.

  9. I hate air hand dryers too but not because I’m worried about pathogens. I just find them an annoying waste of time to use. I usually just wipe my hands on my shirt or whatever, often even if there is paper towel available. Hand dryers can take that MRSA or whatever and shove it up their blowhole.
    As for pathogens, once in a while I may get an upset stomach and the consequent excretory purges that go with it for a day or so from food poisoning or cruddy food since I practically live out of dumpsters but my immune system happens to be boss enough (in fact, Boss is what I’ve arrogantly named my immune system) that I don’t think I need to be concerned about germs.
    Funny thing about hand dryers recently: I was in a McDonald’s bathroom stall, abusing the toilet, and could hear some man and I guess his kids using the hand dryers and when they shut off they played a woman’s computer voice recording that says “Have a nice day” or something. The guy and I both laughed a bit, though it got annoying pretty quickly when one of the kids made it play over and over.

    1. Uhh. oops. So I take back my previous comment just now about comments not making it through. I thought the two before that one were blocked, for no reason I could think of, because I try not to write anything too awful and degenerate (anymore). Sorry moderators. Turns out I had to click “newest”, which I thought was already how the comments were organized, so when I checked the posts to see if they had made it through, it appeared to me as if they did not. You know what my problem is, I can’t think clearly because I’ve only had a little bit of xanthines and a single can of liquid bread so far today. What am I doing? I have a screw-cap milk carton beside me that’s full of the liquid gold, and then substantially more cans for after. Is that clever or what? Who would suspect a milk carton?

  10. So the doctors and “experts” were right about my paleo/primal oriented dietary choices then – I’ve been eating a FAD diet for years! humph.