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Weekend Link Love — Edition 497

Research of the Week

Eating home cooking reduces phthalate exposure [1].

Having a life purpose reduces [2] the impact of income on life satisfaction.

Structured music lessons improve [3] academic performance.

Global antibiotic use is up 65% [4] since 2000.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 231: Lauren Lobley [5]: Host Elle Russ chats with Lauren Lobley, who stepped out of the gluten-laced world of the pastry chef to become a gluten-free chef.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Regarding (non-aspirin) NSAIDs and heart attacks [7].

Media, Schmedia

What if scientists did science [8]?

Venison tastes extra good with a generous dusting of smugness [9].

Everything Else

Why forests are so, quite literally, awesome [10].

Does this new organ [11] exist in other mammals and, if so, is it edible?

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Better than “dog ate my homework”: “Mom, my class schedule is misaligned with my circadian rhythm [12]!”

I’d wear one: A tooth sensor [13] that tracks exactly what you eat.

Interesting concept to ponder: Is a combination of rising carbon dioxide and degenerating topsoil contributing to an increase in the carb:mineral ratio of our produce and, thus, obesity? [14]

I don’t blame them: Some archaeologists feel threatened [15] by the emerging field of ancient DNA.

Movie you should support: CJ Hunt is raising funds for a new feature length film, The Perfect Human Diet 2: Dispelling the Lies [16]. This promises to be a critical counter to the constant stream of films parroting the opposite view—that animal foods are unhealthy and toxic, killing us and the planet—which has become accepted truth, despite being incorrect. Very important work being done here.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Mar 25– Mar 31)

Comment of the Week

LOL. Wife actually makes amazing bone soups… dries the knuckle bones in the oven and scoops out fragments of the epiphysis / spongy bone to top our kimchi-avocado salads. These parts are a kin to croutons but way, way better in taste and nutrition. I call these “bone crumbs” and I’ve been trying to convince her to sell a line… in that case, she would ship!

– I’d love to spend a weekend at the Liver King [21] B&B.