Weekend Link Love – Edition 49

Hospitals are supposed to make people healthier, and yet the food they serve… This Hospital Food blog shows mostly horrifying (but occasionally beautiful) hospital food from around the world.

Grocery store trickery is nothing new, but read this great Wall Street Journal article to find out what’s pumped into your chicken to weigh it down.

Watch the preview for Food Inc., an upcoming documentary on big agra’s twisted control over the food industry. I can’t wait for this one to come out!

Here’s an unusual one from FitSugar: relax your neck through strategic tongue placement.

In case you missed the news from Twitter earlier this week, it looks like Merck pharmaceutical company created a fake medical journal to promote their own drug studies.

Find the sugar cube equivalent of the food you eat at Sugar Stacks.

Did you know, “there’s absolutely no evidence linking sugar to obesity?” There’s so much wrong with this British video promoting the health benefits of frosted flakes for children, I was actually waiting for John Cleese to step in to deliver a punch line at the end. Nope, apparently Professor Regan’s Nursery is a “legitimate” children’s safety show on BBC2.

And finally, via InventorSpot, the department of ridiculous weight loss gadgets comes up with another grotesque treasure.

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  1. I can attest to the tongue placement thing. I was in physical therapy with upper back/neck/jaw pain when I was a teenager. For a month we did all kinds of exercises, strenghth training, etc. and nothing worked to alleviate the problem. Offhand one physical therapist asked me one day, “Where do you keep your tongue in your mouth when it’s not doing anything?” and I said, “Duh, on the bottom!” It took a while but once I started keeping my tongue on the top of my mouth, over a period of time my upper back/neck/jaw pain got better.

  2. Mark,
    I’m shocked and horrified by that frosted flake video.
    unsurprisingly its posted by Kellogs press department!!!
    these people are putting our children at risk and they are so glib about it its disgusting.

  3. Yes, the tongue placement thing really works. That’s what my tai chi teacher always tells the class to do – it keeps your neck and jaw relaxed.

  4. Paul Chek and CHEK Practitioners are also specific about tongue placement. He may have learned it from Tai Chi; he is a proponent of that and Qi Gong.

  5. I was in the hospital not long ago and when I told them i didn’t want any bread, dairy, grains, or starches, just meat and fruit or vegetables. I received a muffin, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, milk, ice cream, and some sort of beef covered in the same gravy.

  6. Sugar has less of an effect on children as their brains are developing and require higher concentrates of carbs, hence the higher amounts of carbs in human breast milk versus the harsh protein amounts of cow’s milk. Sugar isn’t my main concern, its the cow proteins, the corn syrup, etc….

  7. I can also vouch for the tongue placement. During meditation it’s important to keep your tongue placed on the roof of your mouth behind your top front teeth. It gives you a place to put it and not have to think about it, and it helps connect your energy orbit from up your spine around your head (through your jaw via the tongue) and down back into your hara 🙂 It might be wise to point out the benefits of breathing in through the nose slowly and steadily (you know you’re slow and steady when you can hear no noise from your breath) down into a relaxed belly and NOT into the top of your chest!