Weekend Link Love — Edition 489

weekend_linklove in-lineResearch of the Week

Archaeologists uncover evidence of extensive civilizational infrastructure in the Guatemalan jungle.

Subclinical magnesium deficiency is a likely driver of heart disease.

The modern human brain may be younger than previously thought.

High blood sugar linked to cognitive decline, even in the absence of type 2 diabetes.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 215: Ginny Cane: Host Elle Russ chats with Ginny Cane, who teaches people how to use Law of Attraction skills to get the life they want.

Keto Episode 216: Dr. Cate Shanahan #1: Brad Kearns and Dr. Lindsay Taylor chat with Dr. Cate about common keto misconceptions and myths.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Is “Out of Africa” a theory in crisis?

Media, Schmedia

A 70% discount on Nutella has caused riots to erupt across France.

A Stanford researcher is working on a reset button for aging cells.

Everything Else

There’s no real evidence that the ancient Greeks reached America before any other Europeans, but it’s sure fun to consider.

Sounds like a pretty good f*cking read.

Maybe I should get these for my employees.

A meat tax is coming.

A familiar story, this time in Papua New Guinea: industrial diet replaces traditional diet with disastrous health consequences.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Hakas I enjoyed: This one and (especially) this one.

Another reason to check your apostrophe’s: It’ll affect your chance of getting into med school.

Good to see: Women surfers get a heat at Mavericks.

Concept I’m pondering: Does consciousness permeate everything?

I’m still not ready to retire: Depending on how you spend your free time, retirement could extend your life.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Feb 4– Feb 10)

Comment of the Week

The way HIV, zika and ebola hide, really takes balls!

– Well said, Nocona.

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  1. The Magnesium article is mind blowing. I must try the blood pressure test suggested. Maybe I will finally have and answer for my cramps. I tested 2mg/dl and deficient according to the paper, even though I supplement routinely; guess I should up the dose even more. The article on “meat tax” on the other hand, is inflaming. I guess they won’t rest until everyone is sick and fat. I’m moving to Alaska or similar, where I can hunt for subsistence; anyone want to join me? (-:

    1. If I don’t supplement with magnesium I get muscle spasms and, rarely, heart palpitations. I take 200 mg magnesium glycinate along with trying to eat foods that are high in magnesium (beans, pumpkin seeds, and various nuts). Too much supplemental mag gives me diarrhea so I keep it at half a dose. Supposedly it’s better to obtain it from food anyway. We frequently eat a variety of beans/legumes in soups, Mexican food, etc., even though beans are considered something of a no-no among Paleo purists.

      1. Hi Shary, me too. Magnesium glycinate never worked for me. If it gives you diarrhea, you should consider replacing it. I went through many and while not 100%, magnesium chloride (nutricology) proved to be the best. It’s not tasty but I don’t care; adding a little lemon will mask the favor. If you read the article (very long I know) you might have realized that you are deficient and need to up your intake. I don’t eat legumes or beans since I went primal and certainly not now that I went Keto. Pumpkin seeds have high Carbs content and I would rather eat something else. Plus they didn’t make much of a difference when I did eat them. I just got my order of Mega-Mag (trace minerals) and hopefully it will improve things. You can also try soaking your feet in Epsom salts or putting some in your bath water. And that reminds me, that I haven’t taken a dip in the dead sea in a long while (-: One more thing: Is your digestive system in good shape? Malabsorption will also affect mineral statues.

  2. The articles on the age of the modern human brain and the rethink of the out of Africa theory mad me this of a book I recently read and totally enjoyed. It’s called “Them and Us: How Neanderthal predation created modern humans”. Both these articles support this theory. In any case, it’s a great read and explains a lot abou the modern human condition. Grok on family!

    1. The first line was suppose to read:The articles on the age of the modern human brain and the rethink of the out of Africa theory made me think of a book

  3. Watching the Primal Haka’s made me glad I am alive. Just beautiful.

  4. I’m basically a pantheist, as close a label I can come up with I guess to my beliefs (even when I was very young and being indoctrinated in Sunday school, that was the way I intellectually connected the dots as I was not buying what was being sold to me), maybe panpsychism is the next step lol.

  5. Meat Tax. The Left can’t just stop eating meat themselves: EVERYONE MUST STOP EATING MEAT. A better solution is eat Leftists… Long Pork human flesh was called… except for smokers. There are several reports that smokers did not taste good and were not consumed… so if someone is pondering you for dinner tell them you absolutely MUST have a cigarette…

    1. My advice to you in terms of hitting the Post Comment button is similar to what my mama once told me … it’s best not to think you need to verbalize every thought that pops into your head.

    2. Member of “The Left” here. Ooga booga! The meat tax is a dumb idea, and I doubt it’s actually going to happen. It’s being pushed by a vocal minority with some bad science behind them.

      1. The Argument from Science? We know for a fact that sugar in the diet has caused all kinds of problems. Ain’t no doubt about the science. So, shouldn’t sugar be taxed–and highly–to discourage its use and to pay for the costs of its effects?

  6. I supplement with mag. Sounds like I am on the right track.
    Re. Haka the first one seemed us versus them. The second one seemed to say “we are here for you to support you in life.” I saw the same moves, but I took away different feelings. Peace from n.c.

  7. Meat tax: As always, it is crucially important to understand the question before you start stabbing at answers. Is meat itself to blame for the environmental costs of farming? Or is it the manner in which we are raising our animals?

    1. Meat indeed! If any government did that it would be the last they did, before they were out on their ear come the next election.

  8. Let’s set up a Haka demonstration between a tribe of grain-free-and-pastured meat raisers and an office’s worth of synthetic food investors and get to the bottom of things! Failing that, I suggest a testing of strength at Mavericks.

  9. The word nerd in me can’t help it, I gotta make this correction re: “Another reason to check your apostrophe’s”– That should be “apostrophes” without an apostrophe. The plural of apostrophe is apostrophes, no apostrophe needed. Now if we were talking about the apostrophe’s diet, or anything else belonging to it–the possessive–then yes, use an apostrophe.

    1. That was Mark’s little joke on the nature of the article he was referring to.

      1. Ah! Clever! Sometimes I forget to punch out of work (editing is one of my day jobs). 🙂

  10. “Maybe I should get these for my employees”

    What would be next, Mark? You gonna go ahead and buy the LA Times?

  11. “Einstein tells us weird things about the nature of time that counters common sense; quantum mechanics runs counter to common sense. Our intuitive reaction isn’t necessarily a good guide to the nature of reality.”

    But Einstein didn’t ask us to take our intuitions as science or his theory as fact. That’s why science performs experiments and tests theories.

    Until science provides evidence that a spoon is conscious of its own existence, it’s nothing more than a religion requiring assertion and faith.

  12. I think the meat tax is a great idea if it was just applied to industrial farms and not small sustainable grass fed farms. None of us can deny how absolutely atrocious and destructive the industrial farming complex is. I’d be more than happy to see the end of it and a push towards grass fed healthy farming practices even if it means less, more expensive meat

  13. Just listened to Elle’s interview with Ginny Gane…such a great convo! And totally enjoyed the swearing article…book sounds interesting too. I have mouth like a sailor at times but I don’t swear in anger…it’s more for emphasis and humor. I think so much of it is the energy behind it. When I see someone swearing in anger or to insult someone, I perceive it negatively. But if they’re just doing it in conversation it sometimes makes them more real and approachable to me.

  14. For all the Haka fans, the gingerbread man haka for the NZ bakery competition is the best. It is my all time favorite. Just type gingerbread haka into Youtube.

  15. I would love to see you break down the magnesium study, what it means for us Primal followers, what values we should target, etc. I just had mine checked and it was 1.9 mg/dl, which is in the “normal range” of 1.8-2.4, but I would like to know if that’s good enough. Thanks!