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Weekend Link Love — Edition 488

Research of the Week

From the 1990s up until 2012, American adolescent psychological well-being was on the uptick. After 2012, it dropped, right around widespread teen adoption of smartphones [1]. Further evidence shows a strong link between screen usage and unhappiness.

Heat speeds up recovery after training [2]. Cold slows it.

Scientists have discovered where [3] ebola, HIV, and zika hide from scrutiny. Unfortunately, we can’t exactly get rid of the hiding place.

Kids don’t sleep enough [4].

E-cigarettes might help adults stop smoking, but they may get teens to start [5].

Swat at mosquitoes, and they’ll learn to avoid you (you specifically [6]).

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 213: Jeffrey Brownstein [7]: Host Elle Russ chats with Jeffrey Brownstein, a life empowerment coach who’s helping people discover and create meaningful lives full of purpose.

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Interesting Blog Posts

How Jordan Peterson eats [9].

Eat more meat [10].

Media, Schmedia

China races ahead [11] in human gene editing.

Gary Taubes and Nina Teicholz disagree [12] with U.S. News’ diet rankings.

Everything Else

Did you know how all these foods [13] were grown?

The end of plastic [14] may be coming.

Some great science books for blowing your mind [15].

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Article I found interesting: What’s college good for [16]?

A great profile of one of my favorite chefs: Francis Mallmann [17].

I’m bewildered, too: A doctor is befuddled [18] as to why hospitals insist on serving sugary shakes to patients.

Sometimes I feel the same way: Polish cow leaves captivity, joins wild bison herd [19].

Visualization I found striking: This one [20].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

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Comment of the Week

this would be good for my hsband

– I’d argue that most advice on this website would be good for your husband, Debi J Olson [25].