May 03 2009

Weekend Link Love – Edition 48

By Mark Sisson

Summer approaches and Gym Junkies wants to get you shredded. If you’re ready to stop with the small indulgences and cheat days and really go hardcore for a month, take Gym Junkies’ Shredded For Summer 31 day challenge.

Throw, climb, scoot, lift, and all in 3 minutes. Not a routine for the Sunday stroller; watch this gorallatized workout video. (warning: turn the volume down before hitting play)

On the subject of raising Primal children, The UK has the right idea be getting kids out of the classroom. Let’s get this done in America! (thanks, Stephen)

What are the three unmagical words that may be ruining your life? Read Zen Habits’ post to find out.

Ezra Klein of The American Prospect has a fascinating post on the behavioral economics of free bread. In short, people consume a lot more of something when they believe it is free. (thanks, Libby!)

Think you’re too old for Yoga? I think not.

Hopefully you’ve read my swine flu post by now. Well, it’s about time you learn where it started.

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  1. Thanks Mark…the exercise how to videos on shredded (alongside the Challenge) were exactly what I was looking for… and the three dumb words (Zen) were exactly what I needed to hear.

  2. Nice to see a bit of sense re-entering the world of education.

    Honestly, if I did today some of the things we did as a matter of course when I was a child I’d probably be put into care and my parents would have been arrested.