Weekend Link Love – Edition 459

weekend_linklove in-lineRESEARCH OF THE WEEK

A fourth Denisovan appears.

Regular meditation helps athletes endure interval training.

“Edible” oils may partially explain the South Asian diabetes epidemic.

When autophagy slows, cellular aging accelerates.

Taking 5 kilograms of broccoli crammed into a single pill is great for a diabetic’s blood sugar numbers.

Our relationship to the Neanderthals just got even more complicated.

It doesn’t matter for muscle adaptations whether you take protein before or after your workout.

Ritalin use during childhood may have long-term effects on neurotransmitters.


Episode 176: Mark Sisson and Derek Flanzraich: I chat with Derek Flanzraich, the founder of Greatist, one of the greatest (sorry) new media empires dedicated to healthy living.

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How drug companies wine and dine docs.

Steven Hamley’s take on the AHA’s advisory on fats.


How will the Trump administration affect psychedelic research?

Spending just three days on a hunter-gatherer diet (with actual hunter-gatherers, the Hadza) has immense benefits for gut bacteria diversity.


An interesting podcast about running as a spiritual practice.

An evolutionary trade-off: short stature and worse arthritis for surviving an ice age.

A Western man discovers how feeble and immobile his body has become, then starts along the road to fix it.

Why ancient Roman concrete is still standing.

A new squat toilet, kind of.

You should side-roll, sit, balance, and crawl before you run.


Instagram account I’m really digging: Isaac Rochell, an LA Charger who’s transformed his body and health with a ketogenic diet.

Success story I’m loving: Joe DiBernardo. Joe is a former NFL linebacker who’s using Primal health and eating principles to improve his own health, grow his health coach business, and change the lives of his clients.

I’d love to flip through these (carefully, of course): The crumbling ancient texts that may contain life-saving cures.

Article I’m pondering: How smell links to memory, flavor, emotions, in excruciating detail. 

Excuse the source: The benefits of beef against Alzheimer’s disease.



One year ago (Jul 9– Jul 15)


My take-away from all the links is… eat lots of chocolate.

– That’s often a safe take-away, KidPsych.

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  1. We don’t need to wait for a broccoli pill to get the benefits of sulforaphane. Grow your own broccoli sprouts, freeze them, then make smoothies. All explained some months ago in excellent videos by Dr Rhonda Patrick.

    1. Actually, sulforaphane capsules are available right now, if one wanted to try them and see if they help. Google it! 😉

  2. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t hear any talking on the videos with Primal health coaches.

    1. Yeah, it’s probably just me. Bad headphones, Sorry.

  3. Re aromas…

    At the height of the Vietnam War I volunteered for duty. (Young men do stupid things. Young women do, too, but we cut them some slack.) A Vietnam land mine had already turned my cousin into a cloud of pink mist. During training they hauled us around in the pre-dawn dark in diesel-towed cattle trailers. To this day, 48 years later, if I hear and smell diesel in the dark I am swept back to that exact time and place… instantly…

    1. Just a guess, but it might tell us that smell–or its precursor–was the first sense to develop, and is therefore plugged deep into our reptilian brain.

      Those aroma memories are like deja vu; you’ll catch something on the wind and it’ll cause a psycho-emotional response. A lot of the time it’s impossible to connect it with anything specific, but you know it once meant something to you. At best you get a primal sensation like this is good or this is bad.

  4. The Asian/fat study: There they go conflating
    transfats and saturated fats again. And for
    that matter conflating the damage coming from
    sugar as coming also from saturated fats. We’re
    not near winning any battles, let alone the war.

  5. Interesting article on the AHA recommendations. I just watched a vegan propaganda documentary called ‘What the Health’ – full of anti-meat, anti-dairy, etc information. Utter crap – I figured it out 1/2 way through and turned it off.

  6. lol I’m with KidPsych! And can’t wait to try the prosciutto wrapped asparagus spears…love everything PaleOMG makes. I could pretty much wrap prosciutto around anything and eat it.

  7. I dated a doctor for a while, and it did go some way toward answering the question of how all those fancy restaurants stay in business. Drug reps were taking her (and by extension, me) out all of the time.