Weekend Link Love – Edition 458

weekend_linklove in-lineRESEARCH OF THE WEEK

More research shows that chocolate is good for cognition.

A skull cult at Gobekli Tepe. Why can’t I join a skull cult?

Now this is a depression treatment I love: bouldering.

Identical workouts have different effects on mood depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors. I’ll let you guess which setting gives the best results.

Scientists just ran seven different replication studies of the original power pose research. All of them failed to replicate.

Millennials are having more strokes than is normal for their age. C’mon, guys.

Risk-taking may breed happiness.

Our ability to withstand extreme endurance efforts arrived alongside our large brains.

Family men and women are more productive workers.


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Why travel may help you live longer.

The psychology of “clutch.”


How LSD therapy changed Cary Grant forever.

Take that 2 o’clock nap and don’t be shy about it.


This Thai dish might give you liver cancer.

Don’t get bit.

I think she prefers her steak rare.

Genome sequencing for everyone is getting closer and closer.

More than any other food, American GIs during World War 2 craved fresh eggs.

This 91 year-old German lady can do more pullups than most of you.

This tiger isn’t on sleeping pills.


Announcement I’m proud to announce: MDA named one of Best Men’s Health Blogs of the Year by Healthline.

Study retraction that didn’t surprise me: The one where paleo worsened blood lipids.

Film I’m anticipating: We Love Paleo 2. Check the teaser.

Success story that really made me proud: The one from Melani, a Primal Health Coach.

Study I enjoyed: Touch from a lover is analgesic.


  • Now you take a leg of lamb, some cumin, a few beets, an Akkadian translator, throw it in a pot, add some beer. Baby, you got yourself a Mesopotamian stew going.
  • It’s summer, so you should be grilling chicken. Here’s how to do a whole one.


One year ago (Jul 2– Jul 8)


“Coconut oil also removes mascara very well. Put some on a tissue or cotton pad, apply to eye for a couple seconds, and wipe. Clean eyelids.”

– Good tip, Susanne. I think I’ll give it a shot.

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