Weekend Link Love – Edition 456

weekend_linklove in-lineRESEARCH OF THE WEEK

Moderate drinking emerges as a risk factor for cognitive decline.

We’re not even close to understanding the biological control of appetite.

If you’re going to take milk protein after lifting, 9 grams is the absolute minimum (and more is better).

New drugs are being fast-tracked without adequate testing.

Fetuses in the womb respond to face-like images.

Short, high-intensity resistance training improves pancreatic function in type 2 diabetics.

Teen girls are really depressed.


Episode 172: Marla Sarris: Host Elle Russ chats with Marla Sarris, co-founder of PaleoPorn (not like that), brand development expert, documentary producer, and co-creator of the Week of Zen meditation course. Busy lady.

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With age comes wisdom (really).

It might be time to admit that we don’t have a very solid grasp on the evolutionary story of modern humans.

Early hominids could really take a punch.

This is your brain on acid.


Silicon Valley techies are really into extended fasting.

The Amazon extras in Wonder Woman were pretty much all elite female athletes.


Moving story.

Next we’ll be decoding dreams.

This sounds like a book I need to read.


Video I recommend: The outer limits of human survival.

Podcast I appeared on: Wellness Force, where I spoke about Primal living in the modern world, the power of intuition, the myth of “good” and “bad” genes, and much more.

Concept I’m pondering: The aging identity.

Article I loved: How visionary biologist George Church parlayed narcolepsy into creative genius.

News I enjoyed: Ivory Coast jails chimpanzee traffickers for the first time ever.



One year ago (Jun 11 –June 17)


“Are chic peas like chick peas, just more fashionable?”

– Well done, Ross.

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  1. I’m really glad my kids grew up before the age of social media. Kids can be very cruel. Bad enough when it happens in person but devastating when it’s blasted all over the internet for everyone to see (via Facebook and the like). Teenagers haven’t acquired the skills to deal with that sort of rejection. No wonder depression has become such a huge problem.

  2. It’s interesting that only 1% of 1200 people interviewed in the wisdom article had the capacity for wisdom, as defined by the researchers.

    1. I’m considering setting that as a goal. I always wanted to be a one percenter.

  3. How much you wanna bet there’s a link between birth control and teen girl depression.

    $100 down on the table.

  4. Dom D’Agostino has some interesting observations about being able to hold his breath under water for an extended period of time while he is in deep ketosis after several days of fasting. I imagine deep ketosis might also extend the “3 days without water / 3 weeks without food” rules of thumb of survival. We might be surprised how much humans can push the limits.

  5. Hey, I won comment of the week. This thrills me perhaps more than it should.

  6. If fetuses can learn from visual information, doesn’t that mean that the babies of obese mothers are already behind their peers at birth? It seems to me that less light should get through a thick layer of fat than through a thin one.

    1. Sorry, I can’t have less than three tonight. That would be moderate drinking, and I need to stay sharp.

  7. From the aging and wisdom article: “Hemispheric Asymmetry Reduction in Older Adults (HAROLD)—a phenomenon in which the half of the prefrontal cortex that is less active in youth (which half depends on the individual) shows increased activation during old age, increasing overall activity in the prefrontal cortex. There’s also a shift in activity during old age from the occipital lobes, which is associated with sensory processing, to the prefrontal cortex (the so-called posterior-anterior shift with aging).”

    Oh, Harold… that’s wonderful.

    I’ve been wondering how to change my thinking to accept death — not that it’s imminent, it just sounds like something that would take me decades. It is really nice to hear that our brains are programmed to do just that.

  8. Who would have ever thought not eating would become a thing? People just despise doing anything in moderation. I do a 24 hour fast once or twice a week and really enjoy it. No desire at all to go a week plus without food though.

  9. Are fried plantains really healthier than, say, corn tortillas? Personally, I lean towards no.

  10. Re: biological control of appetite:

    “…from poor food choices, particularly excess caloric intake of sweet, fatty, and salty foods.” Why do they lump “fatty” (whatever that is) in with “sweet” (whatever that is)? And what is the caloric intake of salt?

    And did you see the grants, fees and support from General Mills and Sugar Nutrition UK?

    What a lame paper, despite all the big words.