Weekend Link Love – Edition 455

weekend_linklove in-lineRESEARCH OF THE WEEK

Coffee boosts your workout, even if you drink the stuff all the time.

Farming selected for genetic variants that increase conversion of plant fats into long-chained fats.

New mummy data reveals that ancient Egyptian genetics were more closely related to Middle Eastern and European populations than Central African ones.

Sherpas possess genetic adaptations that increase energy generation in low-oxygen environments.

Giving violent and aggressive boys a multi-micronutrient supplement makes them less violent and aggressive.

In adults with IBS and depression or anxiety, a probiotic may reduce symptoms.

Your brain is protecting you from sick people before “you” are “aware” they’re even sick.



Episode 171: Genevieve Howland: Host Elle Russ chats with Genevieve Howland about natural pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Food: more than just nutrients.

To attract women, men should eat lots of garlic and enough carrots to turn their skin yellow.

The fascinating history of the banana babies.


India is getting wealthier and more diabetic.

Overworked doctors can’t keep up with the literature, so it’s up to you.


Fred Kummerow, one of the first researchers to question the sanity of filling our diets with artificial trans-fats (and a major butter lover/vegetable oil hater), just passed away at the ripe old age of 102.

OJ consumption is down, and it’s hurting Brazilian orange farmers.

Millennials aren’t eating at chain restaurants, and it’s hurting Applebee’s.

Meet Iron Grandpa.

Cows have been eating Skittles.

Seafood, now with microplastics.

A new milk-sharing app helps British mothers exchange breastmilk.

I hear Google’s interview process culminates in a 20-rep set of front squats at bodyweight.


Concept I’m pondering: The stress-reducing effects of fractals.

I’m somehow not surprised: CRISPR likely causes hundreds of unintended mutations.

Article I’m loving: How Adrian Ballinger Summited Everest Without Oxygen.

Japanese news I enjoyed: They need more ninjas.

I’ve always said this: Wasp nests don’t belong in vaginas.



One year ago (June 4– June 10)


They’re the only place I can find chicken hearts.

– Not exactly sure why, but this comment from bill really hit home.

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  1. In regards to the oncology article about patient’s having to be their own advocate to a certain degree, this is an important topic. As a nurse practitioner, 99% of the time patient’s rarely question any of the prescribed therapy I suggest. I always try and explain the evidence basis behind what I prescribe whether they ask or not. I find it refreshing when a patient asks for the evidence behind my prescribed therapy. A few weeks back a patient asked for the reference behind a treatment I was suggesting (for a pulmonary related issue, not oncology) and I went and printed the New England Journal of Medicine research trial supporting the use of this treatment and the patient was satisfied. I encourage all patients to do their homework regarding their health and prescribed treatment plans!

  2. The link love to the Sherpas article showed no love… seems that the links for the Sherpa and the IBS / Depression / Probiotics point to the same place. Love the link love… keep ’em coming.

  3. If Ballanger truly believes eating Keto is beneficial,
    why is he shilling for a sugar drink company:
    And here’s the ingredients:

    Purified Water, Fair Trade Certified Cane Sugar*, Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate*, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Caffeine*, Vitamin Blend (Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), D-Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)), Panax Ginseng Extract*, Guarana Extract*.

  4. “John Waller, an animal science professor at the University of Tennessee, said Skittles are a legit meal to feed the animals.” He should eat the same and see where it will land him.

  5. I take a probiotic that has Bifidobacterium longum NCC3001, not sure it helps as I take so many supplements but the literature on it is interesting. The article about the Iron Grampa was more sad that inspirational I thought. I was a weight lifting gym rat most of my life and I still lift but as you age there are some realities and sensible adaptation and “evolving” that should take place IMHO, to tear myself down to prove a point does not make sense to me. To optimize health and vitality and enjoyment of life should be the goal. I do admire his determination however.

  6. While I am pleased Dr. Krummerow worked tirelessly for our public heath I was severely disappointed the writer contacted the Center for Science in the Public Interest for a comment. The “Center” is the most wrongly name advocacy group in America. Quoting them on Krummerow on fats is like having Hitler commenting on Jewish History. It was the “Center” that forced fast food restaurants to replace the (in comparison) benign beef fat WITH transfats for cooking thus sending hundreds if not millions to an early grave. The “Center” is a cultural Marxist group that uses health as a front.

  7. The article about diabetes in India is right about avoiding sweets and reducing rice, but also says, “no more butter.” Not so sure that’s helpful! I hope they aren’t telling the Indians that! From all I’ve read, the butter and ghee would help.

    And curious where is the only place to find chicken hearts? In a bag inside a chicken?

  8. CRISPR: finally, a way to obtain the superpowers I’ve always wanted… or maybe grow a prehensile tail and more nipples. On second thought, no thanks.