Weekend Link Love – Edition 45

Happy Easter! Before you pop a peep, check out FitSugar’s Easter candy breakdown.

It’s a little late for April Fools’ Day jokes, but Fitness Spotlight’s charming review of wonderful, foolproof, ab machines was too funny not to mention.

Pay Now Live Later put together a fantastic video montage of the Primal eating plan in a nutshell. Everyone that reads Mark’s Daily Apple should take a look.

Whole Health Source has a spot-on post about reversing tooth decay.

Bottled water is ridiculous. But specifically, this chart shows just how much better tap water is.

Go Healthy Go Fit talks about how there’s a difference between eating healthy and eating organic (especially when you can buy “organic” pop tarts at the grocery store). There’s no reason to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Reader’s Digest publishes an informed smear against low-carb eating. Thankfully, Fat Head gives the digest article a proper schooling.

And finally, the Twitter folks already caught a glimpse of this, but Ross Training dug up a workout video that interprets Primal in… a different way.

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  1. Thank you so much for the link to the post about reversing tooth decay. I always enjoy learning something new about our bodies’ amazing capacity for regeneration and healing.

  2. Hello Mark, I thought I would share in a link to an intriguing article:


    That article argues that human beings are _evolved_ to run long distances. There is some interesting talk about the concept of ‘persistance hunting’. That concept posits that early hunter gatherers primary hunting strategy was to hunt prey by chasing them over long periods until the prey dropped down out of exhaustion.

    There also other anecdotes about modern day hunter-gatherer populations who regularly run long distance, and how healthy they are.

    This article uses the same evolutionary premise of the primal blueprint to recommend an activity patterns which totally contradict the activity patterns recommended by the primal blueprint. I think it would be greatly educative and entertaining to investigate this dichotomy.

    Happy easter!

  3. More outstanding links — I especially appreciated the ones from Pay Now Live Later & Fathead. Great job as usual-thanks!

  4. Apurva Mehta:

    They are mistaking walking for running. Humans are built to WALK long distances – far enough to walk just about anything else to exhaustion. Running is a very different gait. We can do some running at different paces, but the sprint is the most important.