Weekend Link Love – Edition 449

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Nuts are good snacks.

Sleeping pills linked to death, even after controlling for pre-existing poor health.

Meanwhile, despite all the warnings to the contrary, supplements are not.

Intense exercise inhibits muscle aging.

Psychedelics really do open up your mind.

Active commuters die less.

Men who strength trained on a ketogenic diet saw increased testosterone compared to those who trained on a standard diet.

Both men and women influence men [to exercise], while only women influence other women.”

The appendix: not so vestigial, after all.


pb-podcast-banner-142Episode 165: Justin Strenstrom: Host Elle Russ chats with Justin Stenstrom, a life coach, best-selling author, speaker, and founder of the Elite Man Conference.

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Athletic options for kids uninterested in traditional team sports.

Amsterdam has a simple and effective strategy for fighting obesity: eliminating fruit juice and promoting more sleep.

How meal planning can help you lose weight.


Researchers are scouring old medieval texts for clues to new antibiotics.

An Italian court rules that cell phone use caused a brain tumor. 


This is another reason to let your kids out to play.

Study data found in basement challenges old claims about dietary fat. A key quote: “Instead, he said, his discovery and analysis of long-lost data underline how the failure to publish the results of clinical trials can undermine truth.”

This is how you age, folks.

AI better than human doctors at gauging heart attack risk.

Techies mess up on food yet again.

Though I still love Thailand, there goes one big reason to visit.


Editorial I enjoyed: Living longer isn’t the only reason to ride your bike.

How I know the kids are all right: A six-year-old with a science podcast.

Blog post I’m pondering: What Elon Musk’s up to.

Short info bite I liked: Good experiences can block epigenetic trauma.

New Zealand news that didn’t surprise me: A registered dietitian opens up an inquiry into the circumstances of Dr. Schofield’s recent appointment as the new Chief Education Health and Nutrition Advisor, citing his interest into “areas of nutritional controversy.” Here we go.



One year ago (Apr 23– Apr 29)


All I have to say Sisson is your wife must be really good looking.

Jokes aside, Devyn seems like an amazing individual, mature and wise beyond her years and the book looks awesome.

– Ha! She is, HealthyHombre, and she is, and it is.

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