Weekend Link Love – Edition 445

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Agriculture changed fatty acid conversion genes.

Elderly women who start taking statins have an increased risk of developing diabetes (just what they need!).

Climbing stairs for 3 minutes after each meal improves glucose control in type 2 diabetics.

Good sleep is like winning the lottery.


Episode 161: Helen Marshall: Host Elle Russ chats with Helen Marshall, who used Primal living to overcome debilitating digestive issues and now runs a global health coach service, produces a line of Primal Alternatives to the foods we used to love (and franchises it out to other people), all from 100 kangaroo-strewn acres in the Australian bush.


How hot baths and other forms of “passive heating” can have surprisingly beneficial effects.

Is 15,000 steps a better target than 10,000?

Why there’s nothing like a good storm.


Watch the precise moment a plankton eats plastic.

Woman dies after receiving IV turmeric for eczema. Just eat it, folks.

Australian researchers have reversed cell aging and extended a mouse’s lifespan (and healthspan) by 20% using an enzymatic precursor.


The NBA runs on PB&Js.

Cornell’s famous food lab is under fire for fabricated research.

The evolution of brain depictions.

In natural selection, “the fittest” doesn’t necessarily mean “the most ruthless and physically dominant.”

Spiders eat as much animal food as all the humans on earth.

Smoothies might make you fuller for longer.


Ticket deal you should get on: Paleo f(x) 2017 is coming, and the organizers have a ticket flash sale for early adopters going through March 31.

Two views on a fundamentally “human” ability—empathy: Paul Bloom’s (“against”) and a new paper from Penn State.

Story I loved: 91-year-old woman gets cancer diagnosis, skips chemo, decides to go on epic 12-month road trip.

Stat I didn’t like: Today’s men are weaker than their fathers were at the same age.

I couldn’t stop laughing: Fake strongmen on local morning news shows.



One year ago (Mar 26– Apr 1)


I picked up 21 chicks that walked through my yard last April and put them in a cage (don’t think anyone missed them) but it wasn’t until they were freed and allowed to start finding their own food and spaces that they started laying. Now they sleep in the pomerac tree and eat anything they can find or that’s tossed out the kitchen window. We still feed them occasionally with the factory feed but that’s more to ensure that they can still be tempted back into the coop in the event that they stop laying and need to be curried instead.

– Interesting thoughts from Stephen Sankarsingh.

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