Weekend Link Love – Edition 443

weekend_linklove in-lineRESEARCH OF THE WEEK

Drinking blueberry concentrate boosts cognitive function in older folks.

Americans are having less sex.

“Surprisingly, plasma Lp(a) concentrations increased in a stepwise fashion as SFA was reduced.”

Prebiotics help overweight and obese kids control appetite.

Social eating—especially at night—facilitates social bonding.

Rainfall spreads soil bacteria.

Elephants are weird sleepers.


pb-podcast-banner-142Episode 159: Christine Hassler: Because the last time was so awesome, I sat down to chat with Christine Hassler again. Christine is a former Hollywood agent who gave up her career to start one she truly loved—motivational speaker, life coach, and leader of retreats designed to help people get out of their own way en route to the life of their dreams.


How does weight loss affect your drive to eat?

People who get the “chills” listening to certain songs have heightened connectivity between the brain’s auditory cortex and emotional processing areas.

Why health and science journalists should start covering negative studies, not just positive ones.

Like everyone else, I’ve seen literally thousands of octopus fossils in my life, and I must agree that this is the single best one.

What’s worse: trans-fats or linoleic acid?


A real El Dorado lurking within in the Amazon?

In this prison, mackerel is currency.

Take that, sickle cell.

New Englanders: watch out for ticks this year.

Michigan stargazers are fighting to reduce light pollution.


The national decline in sexual frequency hasn’t hit the people living in this nursing home.

Cyprus issues limits on wifi in kindergarten and elementary school classrooms.

Orcas are such jerks.

How faces form.


Restaurant I’d love to try: This Italian one in Staten Island. Each night, a different grandma takes over half the menu and cooks her native cuisine.

Study that I liked: The more paleo (or Mediterranean diet) you are, the lower your chance of dying prematurely from a disease.

Blog post that got me thinking: Greg Lehman on the relationship between tissue changes and pain.

Concept I’m pondering: Alcohol and coffee may have created civilization.

Question to ask yourself: Should you be running?



One year ago (Mar 12– Mar 18)


” Good reminder: I can juggle 3 balls
I can do decent slacklining.
Next to do: slackline while juggling!”

– Now there’s a new Workout of the Week. Thanks for the idea, wildgrok.

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