Weekend Link Love – Edition 439

weekend_linklove in-lineRESEARCH OF THE WEEK

This bacteria links arthritis to Crohn’s disease.

Tobacco use may not be healthy, but some methods of consumption are far worse than others.

Male-type brains linked to higher autism risk in females.

Smokers should switch to vaping.

Not smoking, drinking little or no alcohol, avoiding weight gain, and exercising regularly all reduce cancer risk.

Parkinson’s patients should definitely exercise.

Eating more fruit and vegetables for two weeks increased psychological well-being in young adults.

Acute pain makes people choose smaller immediate gains over bigger long-term gains.

Even minor vitamin A deficiencies increase Alzheimer’s pathogenesis.

A1C blood sugar tests may not be as accurate in African Americans.


pb-podcast-banner-142Episode 155: Dr. Gary Foresman—Breast Health Part 3: Dr. Gary Foresman returns to the podcast to dig even deeper into breast health.

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Why are we so weak?

Dubious post on people’s motivations for taking protein powder.

A Q&A about traditional Arctic diets.


Whole Foods is losing market share.

How a change in diet and lifestyle might have saved Tom Brady’s career.


Drones discover massive earthworks hidden in the Amazon.

Breaching whales are basically yelling at each other.

The price of light.

Are exercise non-responders mythical creatures?

We’re all eating our performance fleece.

So happy.

What will autonomous AI mean for religion?

Before the advent of water bottles with smartphone inserts, kids were dying of dehydration en masse.

A former Enron billionaire is waging a war on bad science.


Minneapolis event you shouldn’t miss: Like clean water coming out of your faucet? Me too. Only millions of girls worldwide don’t have that option and instead have to walk for miles just to fetch it. Fit for HER is raising money to get those girls and their families easy access to clean water, so they can devote more time to education. Make time on February 18th to pick up a ticket and head over to 514 Studios for a great—and important—time. PRIMAL KITCHEN™, along with tons of other awesome vendors, will be sponsoring the event.

Article that caught my eye: There’s a new restaurant coming to downtown Culver City.

Review you should read: Dr. Mike Eades’ review of Taubes’ The Case Against Sugar.

I’m sure this’ll fix everything: Coca-Cola, now with added fiber

Video that made me smile: Man paralyzed through driving regains freedom through diving.



One year ago (Feb 12 – Feb 18)


Lighten up Sisson, you’re way too serious about this subject!

– You got me, Nocona.

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  1. I’ve eaten so much performance fleece that I saw “Patagonia” written on my poop!

  2. Saying that vaping is better than smoking tobacco might be a lot like saying you’d rather get hit by a car than a bus. Anything other than fresh air is going to be bad for the bod.

    1. I know someone who is going through chemotherapy who has been prescribed marijuana to help with the nausea, the pain of her cancer and her diminished appetite. It has really helped her for those reasons and if vaping is a better delivery system that is good information to know. She is also on a very strict, healthy diet and taking natural supplements, doing the infrared sauna, getting massages, doing meditation etc.

  3. 1. This just in … eating fruit and vegetables and exercising are good for your health!
    2. The fleece article is really disturbing.
    3. “Most published research finding are false” … yikes … so in addition to #fakenews we have to contend with #fakeresearch … SMH.

  4. Very interesting article about fleece. Perhaps it will motivate the use of wool. Wool is a great fiber for keeping warm. Just perhaps keep away from super-Wash wool. There I believe the wool fiber is covered in a thin polyfiber

    1. You are absolutely right. But 100% wool is more expensive than fleece and harder to care for and that’s not counting all the vegan people who won’t start buying wool anytime soon. Personally, I stopped buying fleece because I absolutely hated the static it makes.

      1. Actually wool is pretty easy to take care of. Really does not need to be washed that often, just aired out. It has some pretty interesting properties. Don’t know about cost – guess it depends. There are vegans and there are vegans. I was one for a good many years and used wool all the time. So by using wool you also use more of what is left over from between the snout and the tail.

        1. You are talking like one would need to kill a sheep in order to get its wool.

          Otherwise I agree with you, it has really interesting properties, it’s just that you can’t put it in the washer or the dryer or it will felt and most people do that with their clothes. Now that I think about it, you can get around this problem by buying already felted clothes. I believe there is a word for that but I don’t remember it.

  5. It’s hard to dig down and find the truth about smokeless tobacco. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/9868728/
    I realize one study isn’t enough but even searching the American Cancer Society website will not find one link to any study or statistical data showing users of smokeless tobacco have a cancer rate any higher than baseline. It just says “tobacco causes cancer.”
    Same with the American Heart Association site. No studies linking smokeless tobacco use with heart disease. Just “tobacco causes heart disease.” Nicotine is extremely addictive but causes a relatively harmless temporary increase in heart rate and blood pressure in otherwise healthy adults. Hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved by getting people to quit lighting tobacco on fire and inhaling the products of its combustion.
    But hey, conventional wisdom right? You know, fat will make you fat and cause heart disease. Eat more healthy, whole grains.