Weekend Link Love – Edition 435

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There’s strong evidence that eating foods high in flavonoids can stave off death.

Vitamin B12 toothpaste improves B12 status in vegans. Another option is to put raw beef liver in your socks while you sleep.

Humans were in North America at least 24,000 years ago.

Eating Brazil nuts and drinking green tea improves biomarkers related to colorectal cancer.

Alcohol makes it harder for mice to forget scary memories (imagine what it does for PTSD patients).

Revenge feels pretty good.

Menopause may have arisen so grandmothers would stop competing with their daughters for mates.

Squats save lives.

Calorie for calorie, high glycemic carbs promote greater liver fat gain than lower glycemic carbs.

Increased statin utilization had no impact on cardiovascular mortality in Western Europe.


Episode 151: Dr. Cate Shanahan Part 2: Host Brad Kearns welcomes Dr. Shanahan back to the podcast to discuss the myriad reasons not to eat polyunsaturated seed oils.

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The case for 3 eggs a day.

How to train well-being.

“Not a single human has touched the edge of the truth of Go.” And maybe never will.


A Swiss town has denied a passport to a vegan for being too annoying.

Scientists are editing food with CRISPR. 


The most amazing thing about this Pakistani strong man is that he only “started gaining weight in his teens.”

Of course Oregon has a thing called goat yoga and of course it has a 900 person waiting list.

A discussion of the interplay between culture and evolution.

This guy’s gym is garbage.

More people are getting hip to blue light’s effect on health.

Green war.

A new breathalyzer tests for 16 different diseases.

A snowstorm made a Portland Zoo polar bear (and elephant) very happy.

It was rather cold.


Term I wish I’d coined: “Overfat.”

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Better than fillings: Dental stem cells.

Product digital addicts might find useful: The anti-smartphone.

Inevitable news I’ve been dreading: Woman dies from bacteria resistant to every antibiotic available in the US.



One year ago (Dec 4– Dec 10)


If you see someone with a dead buck on his shoulders walking the neighborhood while naked and barefoot in zero degree weather and playing an accordion…it could be me! At the police station I’m gonna blame Sisson.

– I’ll accept responsibility, Nocona.

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