Weekend Link Love – Edition 432

weekend_linklove in-lineResearch of the Week

The Great Lakes get dumped with 1000 metric tons of plastic each year.

Birds living in variable environments have bigger brains.

Sprint triathletes who switched over to a low-volume, high-intensity running program improved their triathlon performance by increasing muscle power.

Most depressed people never seek help.

Vitamin D helps people with cystic fibrosis.

Exposure to endocrine-disrupting environmental chemicals is responsible for over 150,000 cases of diabetes in European elderly each year.

Family dinners are healthier dinners.

Sunlight boosts T-cell activity.

How lean mass helps control fat mass and food intake.

Food removal increases tumor suppressor activity in the liver.

Kids who get active early after a concussion recover better.

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Episode 148: Christine Hassler: I sat down to chat with Christine Hassler, a former Hollywood agent who gave up her career to start one she truly loved. Now, Christine is a motivational speaker, life coach, and retreat leader who spends her days helping people get out of their own way. She also sits on the advisory board of the Primal Health Coach Program.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Good: resistance training will be the next big thing.

Does VR use make the real world less real and more mundane?

Media, Schmedia

The new ebola vaccine is quite effective.

Let’s at least hope the rice is BPA-free

Check out this uncontacted Amazonian tribe.

Everything Else

Wolf researchers who howl at their research subjects to elicit responses and determine pack locations are probably going to stop because it’s stressing wolves out.

Nut milk demand soars, dairy farmers sulk.

Dessert: it’s what’s for breakfast.

Gift guide for Grandma.

Diabetic foot disease has a worse 5-year prognosis than colon, prostate, and breast cancer.

Smoggy Chinese cities are closing schools.

Pregnancy brain is real and lasts for years.

Freddie Bryant sells dry-cured country ham out the back of his truck.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Wildly unsupported extrapolation I made from legitimate research: Early hominids were Mormons.

Holiday gift guide for the cooks in your life: Megan McArdle’s.

Battle I’m glad I mostly avoided: The kids who get violent when their parents limit screen time.

YouTube channel you should subscribe to: The new Primal Kitchen channel!

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 25 – Dec 31)

Comment of the Week

If I had an immortal pet mouse I’d probably treat it with negligible delights like Wolverine’s cigars or Hellboy’s too plus his Redbull, and Sherlock Holmes’ IV cocaine and heroin, anyway I’d anoint it with large amounts of cannabis and then afterwards on the wheel it wouldn’t get more until it did a green mile.
That’s how I moderate myself, with a bicycle.

– Always an adventure, Animanarchy.

If you’re celebrating today, Happy Holidays, everyone!

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  1. Speaking of birds, did you see the episode of Plant Earth 2 (Peregrine Falcons on the hunt in New York City)?

    Compare to the typical American breakfast of over 1000 calories of junk shown in the presentation, my rocket fuel latte of about 400 calories looks sane. Whats in it? Double espresso, Great Lakes collagen, turmeric, cinnamon, red chili, black pepper, coconut oil or Ghee, MCT oil and coconut cream. But then gain, in some circles it’s view as just as bad.

    Happy holidays!

    1. Your latte sounds really similar to mine, although I just do brewed coffee in a French press (usually half decaf) and I’ve never done the red chili. Turmeric makes an appearance frequently, but sometimes I do raw cacao. And always some collagen!

      1. Options abound. I occasionally add raw cocoa or red palm oil. If you want to give it a try, here’s the recipe: large coffee mug, 2 tbs collagen, 1 tbs coconut oil, 1 tbs mct oil or ghee, 1 tsp turmeric and cinnamon (each), 2 tbs coconut cream (I use Aroy-d 22% fat) and a pinch of hot red chili and black pepper. Top of with hot coffee (or green tea) and bland well.

  2. The pregnancy brain article was pretty obvious to anyone who’s witness the changes a mom goes through during pregnancy and after birth. But it happened to me too. As a father I can tell you I had the distinct sensation of my brain being rewired in real time as I held my daughter minutes after she was born. I can’t prove it of course, but I think it’s safe to assume that such a life changing event would put my brain into overdrive as it shifted resources and developed new pathways to prepare myself for fatherhood. For a father, becoming a dad happens instantly because until the baby is born, it’s mostly an abstraction, whereas the mother is experiencing it for months before the actual event. So dads need to bond right away and get up to emotional speed very quickly post birth.

    1. I think it’s no different for most women. I can tell you that until the baby was born, it was very much an abstraction for me also. A woman’s body changes but that doesn’t mean she truly understands and bonds with those changes the same way you do once the baby is actually born and you can see it.

  3. Hi Mark,

    Respectfully, I’m really disappointed to hear you make jokes about religion, especially on Christmas. The period in our Church’s history that you’re joking about was very brief, and obviously doesn’t extend to the period you reference (and no longer continues).

    I was so excited when I clicked through because I thought the research would be about one of the wonderful lifestyle hallmarks of our Church – once-a-month fasting, eating meat in moderation, or abstinence from harmful and addictive substances.

    I appreciate a good sense of humor, I just felt the joke was disrespectful and unwarranted here, and I want people to know the good things about our Church, not the inaccurate stereotypes that persist.


    1. Amanda, I appreciate your comment. While my intent was to poke fun at the common practice of rashly extrapolating irrelevant and even wholly absurd presumptions from scientific studies, your point is well taken. Thank you for creating a good conversation around this—and for pointing out the health-oriented practices within the Latter Day Saint movement.

      1. Respectfully, I don’t think most people would take offense at this. Merry Christmas!

      2. Thank you for taking my comment in the spirit it was intended! I’m just conscious of us getting a fair shake in media. 🙂

  4. Soy milk is for those who want to die young and sexless. Personally I like goat milk.

  5. Does anyone actually eat waffles WITH cereal? I thought it was either/or.

  6. Yesterday oyster stew, today clam chowder…two of my faves! Looking forward to listening to Christine Hassler’s interview. The Primal Blueprint Podcast is a great listen when I’m out on a long walk.

  7. Glow Kids….How did I know all these little kids staring at computers at school and home all day, was not going to end well?