Weekend Link Love – Edition 429

weekend_linklove in-lineResearch of the Week

Spiritual experiences trigger the reward centers of our brain.

Just a single season of high school football alters the structure of the brain. High school football players really need to watch out for head collisions.

25% calorie restriction improves quality of life, including many measures of sexual function, in otherwise healthy, non-obese adults, with those losing the most weight seeing the most benefit.

Just like dogs, horses know to ask humans for help with problems they can’t handle themselves.

Cats really do clean themselves by licking, thanks to their velcro-esque tongues.

Ancient Greenlanders armed with small spears and tiny canoes were expert whale hunters, regularly felling 50-ton bowheads.

Probiotics increase polyphenol absorption.

They’ve discovered the gene for uncombable hair.

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Episode 145: Dr. Brett Hill: Host Elle Russ chats with Dr. Brett Hill about his new book, Nourish Without Nagging, which helps parents figure out how to get their kids to eat—and love—healthy food.

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Interesting Blog Posts

The elimination of non-native species isn’t always so clear-cut, as the case of the Bay Area eucalyptus shows.

When “being in the moment” isn’t best policy.

You should re-roast your turkey carcass (and roast chicken carcasses, for that matter) before making stock.

One (evolutionary) psychiatrist’s take on using curcumin/turmeric for depression.

Media, Schmedia

Nestle plans to introduce a new formulation of sugar with 40% fewer calories.

Nutritional heretic Gary Taubes recounts his embattled journey to vindication.

Everything Else

Raising a family at the edge of civilization.

Who’s ready for a massive escalation of the animal rights movement?

Greek yogurt is problematic, apparently, and promotes marginalization and otherization.

Whole milk drinkin’ kids are slimmer than skim milkers.

New photo technology captures the moment of conception.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

I’m up for auction at one of my favorite charities, GO Campaign, an organization that improves the lives of orphans and vulnerable children around the world by partnering with local heroes to deliver local solutions.

Podcast I just appeared on: The Earn Your Happy Podcast, where I spoke about shifting your metabolism for optimal energy.

Study that everyone can come together over: Both a high-fat, very low-carb diet rich in saturated fat (34% of calories) and a low-fat, high-carb diet low in saturated fat improve waist circumference, visceral fat loss, weight loss, and lipid markers (HFLC boosts HDL, LFHC drops LDL, both drop triglycerides). They were supposed to be isocaloric, but the HF group ended up eating 250 more calories per day and still lost weight.

Article I’m pondering: “Psilocybin, the active ingredient ‘shrooms,’ is looking more and more like a potential wonder drug.”

Announcement I’m pleased to, well, announce: Nina wins!

Miscellaneous news I enjoyed: Britain’s new 5-pound note isn’t vegetarian.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 4– Dec 10)

Comment of the Week

“Very good read about work
And this is a good argument about it
by Bachman Turner Overdrive!


– Amen, wildgrok.

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  1. Mass escalation in the animal rights movement? Wonderful, now I get to listen to a bunch of boney skinny fat vegans explain how they’re so much healthier and morally superior to me, lol.

    1. The author of that article is getting pretty beat up in the comments section!

    2. Insulting people who disagree with you is juvenile and part of the reason why such strong social reactions occur.

    3. Frankly, I’m fine with the animal rights movement going after the low-hanging fruit, the worst offenders. CAFOs can die as far as I’m concerned, and it would be great to stop seeing things like fur in most parts of the world (seriously, fur farms are fucking monstrous). We’ll have to deal with more obnoxious vegans, sure, but humans really do a lot of unconscionable, unnecessary crap to animals. Sea World and circuses that use animals can die, too. Just let me keep my great quality meat and other animal products and I will cheer on the death of those other things.

      1. Good point. Paleo people and vegetarians have a surprising amount of common ground and that’s what both sides should focus on, because factory farming etc. is considered terrible by just about any thinking person.

  2. Hi Mark, so the probiotic / polyphenol study creates a few questions. Does this mean that all polyphenol rich fermentations like red cabbage kraut, black tea kombucha, or beet kvass are even better sources of polyphenols than we originally thought, or would this just be limited to polyphenol spikes yogurt?
    Or should we just aim to take a probiotic capsule with a serving of blueberries? Will you reformulate your primal probiotic based on this idea?

  3. Regarding Nestle’s restructured sugar… I won’t be holding my breath waiting for a miracle sweetener that is concocted in a lab. It probably won’t be any more healthful than any other processed sugar, quite possibly even less so.

  4. Vegetarianism is a mental disease, and unhealthy, too. I say we disgusting carnivores eat the vegetarians… it’s a recipe that solves several problems.

    1. Don’t confuse vegetarians and vegans. Vegetarians eat animal products, just not meat. Vegans are the ones that are militant

  5. There has been quite a fuss about the non-vegetarian £5 notes in the UK.

    I always knew yoga was addictive, pleasure centres of the brain and all that.

    Lots of interesting things, as always.

  6. I think I’d enjoy knowing Michael Branch. Maybe he’d say things like “being mindful around beauty is worth the effort, but learning from history can shape a more beautiful future,” or “looks like the dairy industry wants to get into the kombucha business.”