Weekend Link Love – Edition 42

I’m back from a trip to Thailand and Cambodia. If you’re interested in pics of Carrie and I romping with the elephants, join me on Facebook.

TED is such a wonderful hub of smart content. Watch this video of Aimee Mullins and her super-power legs.

What’s your cooking personality? Find out over at New York Times Health.

Admittedly not all of her meals are Primal, but I’ve been utterly charmed by 93 year old Clara Cannucciari and her Depression Cooking.

For a few more Primal recipes, check out the delicious stuff from Cooking in Our Cave and her guest post on MizFit.

You may remember my post on orthorexia and dietary obsession. Well, compulsive behavior comes in many forms. Dr. Sugar of FitSugar explains how  exercise can be an obsession, too.

Cranky Fitness spotlights pole dancing for fitness. What do you think folks, is it Primal?

And finally, part of a balanced breakfast?

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