Weekend Link Love – Edition 416

weekend_linklove in-lineResearch of the Week

Flavonoids fight flu.

Hypertrophy in older men depends on the number of capillaries serving their muscles.

Probiotics are probably helpful for type 2 diabetics.

Vaping acutely increases aortic stiffness.

Your dog does understand you (fMRI warning.)

Manipulating the sequence of your food intake (eating protein and fat before carbs) improves glucose control.

Paleo is good for the heart.

If we think our meat was raised humanely, it tastes better.

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Episode 133: Dr. Eileen Laird: Dr. Eileen Laird is an expert on autoimmune disease who’s using the paleo diet to cure her own rheumatoid arthritis. She hangs out with Elle Russ to chat about some simple tweaks you can make to your diet, lifestyle, daily routine, and mindset to improve your immune health.

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Interesting Blog Posts

An easy weight-loss hack: double your veggies and halve your starch.

Neither industrial grain-based nor industrial animal-based agriculture are sustainable.

Worried? Can’t stop your racing mind? Go for a hike.

How much alcohol should you have?

Media, Schmedia

Obesity rates are actually improving in some states.

I chatted with Outside Online about fasting.

Maybe you can’t just smile your way to happiness.

As rates of opioid overdose skyrocket, the DEA decides to ban the legal alternative with the most potential to curb opioid addiction and abuse.

The Zika virus story gets scarier.

I’m all for eating more collagen, but not like this.

Everything Else

Orange juice and soda sales are down.

VR spiders to treat arachnophobia.

What playgrounds looked like a hundred years ago.

Lucy (our distant hominid ancestor) may have died after falling from a tree.

Or not.

Evolution is ableist.

A new device promises to detect gluten.

Many fruits and vegetables have more protein than you think.

What’d those reindeer ever do to Thor?

Nice tumbling, Gene. So long.

Recipe Corner

  • Caprese salad is timeless.
  • Kale artichoke pistou (think pesto).

Time Capsule

One year ago (Sep 4 – Sep 10)

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  1. I’m glad to see information about vaping and it’s adverse side effects. I’m a cannabis user and I’ve smoked and cooked with cannabis for years but I never jumped onto the vaping bandwagon. Never made since to me to start vaping when there’s no long term evidence on what it might do. Of course I don’t mean to imply smoking is better, but I never believed vaping was a healthy alternative. Cooking is probably the best way to use it for health purposes. Even still though, the lungs were never meant to handle large amounts of vapor. Smoke, in small amounts, is filtered out just fine. How many thousands of years has man breathed camp fire smoke?

    It’s like tobacco, tobacco never caused mass cancer outbreaks until they started adding extra chemicals to cigarettes to make them more addictive. Again, I’m not suggesting anyone to pick up a bad habit like smoking, but use some common sense. Back in the day when people smoked pure 100% tobacco(or cannabis), cancer wasn’t a epidemic. Of course things like diet play a role too. IN todays world any sort of substance abuse is just adding a double edge sword effect due to the bad dietary habits.

    1. I can personally vouch for the benefits of vaping, but a clear difference has to be made between convection vaporizers used for herb, aromatherapy, etc. and the new commercial crud that is made to keep nicotine users on hook with the anti tobacco trends pushing constantly. Although it may help some get off nicotine and be less “toxic” for the system, i doubt it’s great to inhale tons of propylene glycol… I think the term electronic cigarette sums it all : same thing just more high tech. Totally agree that the 600 added chemicals or so added to traditional cigs are most of the problem but if you look it up, even chewed, natural tobacco contains at least 28 carcinogens. This is what makes it such a great home made pesticide! On the other end of the spectrum tons of studies have shown cannabis to help fight cancer, even when smoked. The most interesting one was the Swiss one where they compared tobacco users, cannabis users, tobacco and cannabis users and non-smokers and the cannabis users turned out with less chances of lung cancer than people that never smoked at all.

      As for the real vaping, studies are few (but clearly positive) but the science behind it clearly has it’s logic. Convection vaporizers goal is to bring to a vapor state the compounds you want to inhale without combustion of the plant material by passing air at the proper temperature through the said material. This means no smoke, no tar, no carbon monoxide, no lots of stuff. To me that it makes perfect sense. It works great for tobacco (by all means use natural tobacco) and even to appreciate the medicinal qualities of various herbals like lavender, skullcap, mint, etc. From personal experience (decades here) it’s just day and night compared to smoking. If you consider the case of cannabis,it has the property of being one of the rare natural expectorants you can find. Smoking it defeats the purpose of that quality but vaporizing it works wonders, instantly. This can be of extreme help if you smoked tobacco and/or cannabis for extended periods. Expect to expectorate a lot though. Look up for vapobox or vaporwarez for examples of typical convection vaporizers, there is also some high end stuff like the volcano vaporizer which works a bit differently seems great but can’t vouch for it never tried it (kinda expensive).

      It’s clear that inhaling nothing at all but clean, fresh air is the way to go, even if we if we have been exposed to campfire smoke for ages indeed. Studies of African people still using fire to cook their food have higher incidence of throat and lungs cancer due to fire smoke. Our ancestors likely had a better nutrition to fight against cancer development though.

  2. What’s really scary about zika mosquitoes is the fact that several million honey bees were inadvertently killed in S. Carolina upon spraying for the mosquitoes. Proof positive that we are often our own worst enemies.

    Regarding dogs understanding words… I’ve been laughing about this “news” all week. Pet owners who regularly talk to their dogs have always known this. I can’t believe someone thought a study was necessary to prove it.

  3. On how much alcohol is too much: Chris Masterjohn has an interesting article on the need for more choline in our diets (think liver and eggs yolk…or supplements). Choline is necessary to help de-fat the liver whether caused by alcohol or fructose (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease). https://chrismasterjohnphd.com/2010/11/23/sweet-truth-about-liver-and-egg-yolks/

    On the Zika virus: Zika virus blew up in the headlines due to a rash of microcephaly babies in Brazil. But, of course, the glyphosate used heavily in Brazil and the poor diets weren’t ever considered, nor the fact that in Uganda, where the Zika virus was first isolated in 1947, there is no microcephaly. https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/zika-virus-or-roundup-herbicide-cause-microcephaly

  4. With respect to vaping, please note this remark

    Rosanna O’Connor, from Public Health England, said: “Vaping carries a fraction of the risk of smoking yet many smokers are still not aware, which could be keeping people smoking rather than switching to a much less harmful alternative.”

  5. I was all excited about the gluten detection device (I have Celiac Disease) thinking it might be the answer to my long-frustrated love for trying new foods (especially when traveling). But alas, I don’t think it could accurately test for cross-contamination. One pea-sized sample of a contaminated food could be fine, but the next bite might easily contain gluten. So near & yet so far…. Still, it does offer some hope for the future. I hope they figure out how to solve this problem in time for me to eat adventurously again before I die!

  6. Many fruits and vegetables have more protein than you think.

    File that in the “an-article-I-wish-I-had-never-read” category!

  7. If Lucy had honed her skills on that playground maybe she wouldn’t have fallen from a tree.

  8. Long time reader of the site and love the content. But the article linked on vaping is total BS. No different than any number of “studies” on grains or GMOs showing them to be healthy. Choosing a random indicator like “aortic stiffnes” which as the article itself points out is also caused by caffeine, and then leading with the headline “Vaping as Dangerous as Smoking” tells you all you need to know. I used a vaporizer to quit cigarettes. I had a 10 year habit before going paleo, and quit in about 3 months with a vaporizer. Haven’t even thought about smoking cigarettes since. It’s an excellent tool for people looking to quit or smoke less. I can tell you that within a week of switching from a pack a day to the vaporizer, I stopped couching up phlegm in the morning, could breathe much more easily in the gym, and felt no pain in my lungs after vaping all day whereas after a few cigarettes my chest would start to hurt. If it’s dangerous it’s only to the billion dollar cigarette industry, the billions in taxes the government gets from the cigarette indsutry, and the pharmaceutical industrial complex that also thrives off of sick, fat people.

    1. also should point out after those 3 months I weaned myself off the vaporizer and haven’t used that in about 3 years either. you’re doing a disservice to any smokers who read your site and might have just decided not to buy an e-cig on their path towards quitting.

    2. There’s no long term studies proving vaping is better for you then smoking. Short term isolate studies have shown it might (key word, might) be better for your lungs. However I think we should be cautiously realistic, putting any sort of burnt plant matter in your lungs is worse then none at all. I smoked cigarettes for five years and then quit without the help of vaping products or nicotine medication. If someone likes to use vapor as a stepping stone to completely come off of tobacco products that’s probably fine, but no one should kid there selves about it being healthier. Especially when you can read about tribal people living to 90-100 smoking real tobacco, however, it’s not chemical laden tobacco we smoke.

  9. And here I thought my humanely raised meat actually tasted better because it has more nutrients in it.

    1. Love can’t be quantified. Neither can being a superior being, with high standards and respect for animals.

      Choosing high-welfare meat when possible is the ONLY sane and rational choice, if you have empathy, decency, and are aware of the research into animal sentience. 🙂

  10. Bu-b-but – we /can/ smile our way to happiness, anyone with depression or PTSD is just thinking the wrong thoughts, and when they stop that nonsense, they’ll be all better (= this is the mass-offering of CBT in a nutshell), with no changes in their lives, diets, or the entire external world needed – oh yeah, and Santa (Odin) and Thor TOTALLY threw a domestic there.

    Vaping is dumb, but so is fancying Charlie Sheen in the current year, so after a 3-hour binge-watch of Two And A Half Men (he’s the half I think?) – no judgemental-ismisation-ness here. 🙂