Weekend Link Love – Edition 413

weekend_linkloveResearch of the Week

Take a deep breath and relax (but only if someone tells you to).

Exposure to nature can reduce aggressive behavior and negative emotions in prison inmates.

How much water you drink affects the color of your pee, says science.

Americans are still fatter than they were 20 years ago.

A mutation that made us immune to toxins in smoke might have given us the edge over neanderthals.

Sneezing and itchy eyes might mean new brain cells.

Speaking of brains, being overweight might make yours age prematurely.

What you eat may affect teeth crowding.

The first folks to settle in North America took a different route to get there than some might have thought.

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pb-podcast-banner-130Episode 130: Cara Haun: Host Elle Russ chats with longtime friend, Cara Haun, about her journey recovering from severe hypothyroidism and undiagnosed Hashimoto’s disease. After years of debilitating symptoms and dead ends, Cara finally found the fixes that put her on the right track, which included a modified T3/T4 treatment and a Primal lifestyle.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Chris Henshaw, an elite CrossFit coach, sees the benefits to building your aerobic base.

Primal Health Coach Tammi Gordon, aka The Diva Cavewoman, sits down to talk about her struggle weight loss, diabetes, and sleep deprivation.

One man’s diary of his therapeutic use of psilocybin.

Media, Schmedia

Controversy in the world of mayo.

Get in touch with your inner animal to extinguish anxiety.

Sounds like a pretty good party.

More meat and dairy means better nutrition for Zambians.

Everything Else

Katy Bowman, famous biomechanist and author of Don’t Just Sit There, sits down for a chat.

Check out the chronicles of a self-proclaimed “sound hunter” as he makes his way through London.

Pick up a book. You may live longer.

In the name of marine conservation, the Discovery Channel might want to start playing lullabies during Shark Week.

Rhino. It’s what’s for dinner.

Now that Soylent has coffee in it, there’s really no need to consume anything else, right?

Pick another hobby.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 14 – Aug 20)

Comment of the Week

“I’m curious how you handle pressure”

I pause, take a deep breath, visualize the worst case scenario … then proceed to panic …

You had to ask. 😉

-Fair enough, HealthyHombre.

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    1. I personally think that north anerica was colonized by egyptians gobe off course or earlier than thought polynesians or asians sailing the seas. or Aliens

    2. Agreed. The average American moved from being moderately overweight to just a hair below the cutoff for obesity, based on BMI tables. It’s so sad to think of how much unnecessary suffering there will be from the resulting medical complications.

  1. Thanks for sharing my psilocybin trial diary Mark. It really had a far reaching effect on me. If anyone wants to read the full story from screening to the two dosing days and the effect they had on my depression, please have a look here: http://inandthrough.blogspot.co.uk
    Thank you,

  2. “…according to Comuzzie. In part, he suggested, it’s related to trends toward less exercise and more access to food that’s rich in calories.

    But “at the end of the day, it is still fairly basic physics: If energy consumed is greater than energy expended, then there will be a gain in weight,” he said.”

    Ooooooh, such depth of thinking!

    Also, this sites the same Dr. David Katz who, according to
    wikipedia, “In 2015, Katz was found to have falsified reviews of his own non-fiction book.[5]” …in a very laughable way.

  3. Wow flash from the past:

    “The hallucinogenic drugs came from several indigenous cactus species. “We have representations of the plants with people carrying the cactus. In the same stone art we see the effects. A number of the plants are taken as snuffs – it’s very irritating. We have representation of mucus flow, wide staring eyes and other features like pain which can be matched with drug users still using these drugs in the Amazon basin. And we have paraphernalia; snuffing tubes, tablets, mortars.”

    Maybe Carlos Castaneda was into something 🙂

  4. my thoughts exactly. so unfortunate that so much of it is preventable. that’s why people like us who are informed have to keep spreading the good word.

  5. They had to do a study to figure out that drinking more water changes the color of your pee? That’s my laugh for the day right there 😀

    (ok, I’m sure there was an actual reason to do it, but still, that’s pretty funny 😀 )

      1. We’ve been teaching our Boy Scouts this lesson for decades – “if your pee is dark you’ve missed the mark”

  6. truly alarmed, but not really surprised, by the stats on weight gain. what’s up with that? this has to stop at some point

  7. The scientist they show in the Soylent article is Heisenberg himself!

  8. The carb portion in the Soylent is still wayyyy too high, not that I’d ever put my lips on that swill!

  9. About that Deep Breathing…. I am amazed that no one made a distinction between breathing through the mouth, or the nose.
    Only the nose relaxes…. as it produces nitrous oxide.

  10. “Unable to score a prescription for Klonopin (it’s addictive, my doctor said), I was reduced to seeking out natural methods to relieve my anxiety.”

    Poor Phyllis Korkki, reduced so low, instead of being given nice Klonopin to medicate away her inability to correctly perform complex & challenging tasks, like sitting in a chair, and breathing.

    I’m shocked that she was denied the basic right to depend upon a drug which requires the torture of innocent animals, via the deliberate and repeated infliction of severe psychological distress, before it can even be approved for market.

    We plainly need endless amounts more of these drugs to be developed so we can find a non-addictive version for the poor woman, and her many peers!

    The hundreds of millions of critters, from mice to primates, who are living miserable lives of constant psychological and physical pain in laboratories plainly aren’t trying hard enough, as long as there’s one human being out there who’s “reduced to” taking responsibility for how they sit, and breath, and think.

    What is the world coming to?!

  11. I used to use Just Mayo until I read something that said canola oil does damage to you even when used in a cool setting. Since then, I switched to Mark’s stuff, and haven’t looked back. I even buy it by the case.

  12. Hay fever article makes me wonder, are there specific brain actives exclusive to viral vs acterial infections? Maybe scans can be used to reduce antibiotics prescribed for visuses?

  13. Remember legumes are not primal and are to be avoided if not outright shunned plus belittled and ridiculed and if you are a true follower here then you turn up your nose at them all and secretly feel contempt for anyone who doesn’t.
    Have I got that about right..?
    Unless we’re talking about coffee or cacao, of course, in which case you ought to consume as much as healthfully possible and sing their praises obsessively.

    1. Don’t tempt me! I would drink this coffee for a desire to do good, but through me, it would wield a power too dark and terrible to imagine.

    2. Actually I think that would be “great and terrible” and that I wrote “dark and terrible” (still waiting for it to get through moderation. If you don’t get the reference, you need to watch The Fellowship of the Ring movie.

  14. Speaking of nature access and therapy for prisoners, I planted the very first tomato plant (and the second) in the local provincial jail earlier this year during its first ever gardening/planting session. Recently some of the guards switched jobs to do “rec” and starting a garden with flowers, veggies, and herbs (at least basil) in the First Nations courtyard where they have a tobacco peace pipe session monthly or so I think (Canada gives those with Native ancestry some perks) was one of their ideas. I was on the mental health unit because it’s a bit better – there’s only half as many people because everyone gets their own cell and it’s generally more chill than elsewhere in the jail. As the population that isassumed to require therapy most in the prison, us “loons” and “bugs” are given priority for recreational activities. Though hopefully I never go back!

  15. There are many factors that can affect the color/colour(I’m Canadien eh) of your urine. B-Vitamins, beets, to name two. Many other contributors are probably remaining mysterious, at least for a while.
    Sometimes it may even smell like what you ate, or drank, such as coffee that seemingly goes right through you!