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March 15 2009

Weekend Link Love – Edition 41

By Worker Bee

The Primal mentality is really expanding around the world. This week Men’s Health ran a piece on Erwan Le Corre, a modern Tarzan who promotes the natural world as the perfect gymnasium. After you’ve read about his strikingly Primal philosophy, check him out in action.

Le Corre may be a modern Tarzan, but Chris Sharma could give him a run for his money. Check out this video of some truly breathtaking rock climbing.

As regular readers know, the Primal Blueprint is about more than flat abs and body weight. Read The Son of Grok’s personal account of how going Primal helped his health, his relationships, his marriage, and his career.

Just do it, or just eat it? Diet Blog covers a report from Obesity Research Journal that found exercise advertisements make you eat more.

It’s time to take a step back. Way back. Learn about the last hunter-gatherers on earth over at Daily Mail.

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth hearing again: There’s no need for 8 glasses of water a day, and Fitness Black book explains why.

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love – Edition 41”

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  1. mark wrote:
    ‘It’s time to take a step back. Way back. Learn about the first hunter-gatherers on earth over at Daily Mail.’

    I think you mean to say ‘learn about the LAST hunger-gatherers on earth – before they became agriculturalists’.

    I also find it interesting that they apparently practiced human sacrifice. Perhaps one of the evils of depending on crop growing for sustenance – the appeasement of an anrgy grain god when the growing conditions aren’t great?

  2. A bit of a correction there, Mark.

    Zuqueto is the man being trained (and defeated by) my friend Erwan Le Corre (the man in the video).

  3. Thanks for the link to the fascinating article on a real interpretation of the fall from Paradise.

  4. Thanks for the link Mark! I can’t talk enough about what you and the primal blueprint have done for me. On another note… Richard is correct, it is Erwan Le Corre. Zuqueto is a brazillian jujitsu champion that is one of Erwan’s students.

    The SoG

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