Weekend Link Love – Edition 407

Weekend Link Love

Research of the Week

Taking your meals at the same time each day is probably better for your metabolic health.

It’s not the butter, it’s the bread.

Will AI need therapy?

There are major methodological problems with the latest “paleo diet kills mice” study.

Installing big green arrows that point to a grocery store’s produce section increases spending on fruits and vegetables.

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Episode 125: Cara and Jimmy Haun: Host Elle Russ hangs out with Cara and Jimmy, who tell their story of using Primal principles to overcome Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Someone proposes evolutionary explanations for political leanings.

Why exercise doesn’t burn fat (directly).

There still isn’t much of an obesity paradox.

Media, Schmedia

Humans speed up the evolution of other species.

Just lie back and enjoy it: how to really handle being caught in a rip current.

How exercise makes you more comfortable with discomfort.

Everything Else

Is there an evolutionary mismatch between how schools teach kids and how kids naturally learn?

The medical case for psychedelics is getting stronger.

When’s brunch?

A bitter battle between pear and apple enthusiasts threatens to tear the Pacific Northwest apart.

Why we still got monkeys?

Freeloading butterfly a real jerk, say ants who rely on the gooey bamboo secretions it steals from them.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jul 3 – Jul 9)

Comment of the Week

A recipe for brains, and DNA that activates after you’re dead. Are you trying to tip us off about something, Mark?

– Hey, I’m just having Walking Dead withdrawals.

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  1. The rip current article is missing a piece that both sides are forgetting. The full version of the official advice is to let the rip take you out, and when it stops pulling you, THEN you swim parallel to the shore. My daughter did many years of junior guards in Santa Cruz, and is very comfortable in the ocean, and she would never try to fight a current. So they are both correct. Yes, let your self float out, but then swim parallel. It’s not one or the other.

    1. Absolutely good advice. Never fight a current. You don’t drown because you’re getting ripped, you drown because you get tired out.

    2. Waves are always rolling onto the beach. Swim with the waves, relax until the next one. Swim, relax, swim, relax. Always workes for me.

      1. That doesn’t work with a rip. You’ll be pulled backwards the whole time. It’s even really hard to catch a wave in a rip on a surfboard. And if it’s winter surf, or you’re at someplace like Ocean Beach in San Francisco, you’ll be pulled to the south about a half mile or more distance before you even make it back to shore. That’s with no rip at all. It’s just the regular north to south current.

  2. Interesting article about the obesity “paradox.” I’ve always felt that this so-called “paradox” was just another cog in the rationalization wheel. Even more interesting is that so many of the so-called experts are reluctant to call a spade a spade when it comes to packing too much weight.

  3. The obesity paradox article was depressing. The “optimal” BMI of ~20 is one I was only ever able to attain when I was borderline anorexic. As a very curvy woman, it’s hard for me to stay in the normal BMI range at all. 🙁

    1. Eh, I really don’t think you should pay all that much attention to BMI. It’s just a very easy thing to measure. I’m naturally “underweight”; you’re naturally “overweight”.

      “Are you eating enough?”
      “How can you eat so much and be so skinny?”
      “How can you be so skinny and have such strength/stamina?”
      “Here, you’re skinny, you can take it.” (while trying to hand me some disgusting piece of cloyingly sweet cake or whatnot)

      Right, sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant. But point being, BMI is just a tool, and a very blunt one at that.

    2. I hear you! I became borderline anorexic, and merely looked good, not skinny! My clothes fit well, and I was also really cold, with dry skin and hair falling out. Now, I’m 20 lbs “overweight,” warm, regular cycle, strong, and with a healthy spare tire. Unfortunately, I don’t gain weight in feminine curvy ways, but tend to gain it in the belly!

      1. Me too! Ugh! Sometimes I worry because everything out there about how stomach fat is so unhealthy for you, but I would never call myself fat (just not skinny) and if I gain any fat… it goes right to my stomach!

  4. That butter that was close to neutral health wise was probably not from grass feed cows. That’s a different animal, as it were.

  5. The Brexit, farmer and forager screed is a dogmatic political view in search of a theory to back it up.

    I’m a professional and a libertarian. I supported Brexit and I think Trump is a populist idiot. I also think Clinton is a populist idiot.

    “In foraging cultures, relationships and decisions are based on voluntary agreement, and individual initiative is rewarded. No one gets to tell anyone else what to do.”

    He ‘s just described a free-market economic and social system. But he seems to associate that with the authoritarian right-wing. Idiot.