Weekend Link Love – Edition 4

Link LoveA Hearty Life briefs us on a new study suggesting that our socioeconomic standing in life determines our likelihood to recover from a heart attack!

Cognitive Daily is undergoing a site redesign an invites you to weigh in on the topics you’d most like to have them blog about.

Conditioning Research evaluated a study by Canadian researchers suggesting that almonds may be the key to reducing insulin fluctuations.

Dr. Briffa tells us why we need to keep up our Vitamin D (hint: it could save your life!).

Fitness Destinations gives us 11 tips for cooking out without pigging out (a great post toread before heading out to your 4th of July celebration!).

Get Fit Slowly shows us what a 31 lb. weight loss looks like.

Sandy over at JunkFood Science debunks the myth that sprinkling salt on your meals is a nail in the coffin.

Modern Forager
reviews the book The Farmer and The Grill: A Guide to Grilling, Barbecuing, and Spit-Roasting GrassFed Meat… and for saving the planet one bite at a time.

My Paleo Kitchen serves up a simple but delicious recipe for Shrimp Shish Kabob.

PharmaLot highlights a recent Harris Interactive Poll suggesting that nearly three-quarters of Americans view the pharmaceutical industry unfavorably.

Getting hitched? According to a study on That’s Fit, it can do wonders for your blood pressure.

The Great Fitness Experiment chronicles an…uhhh…experiment to give up sugar.

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  1. Yeah I’m still suffering from the sugar hangover. Good thing I’m starting your Primal Challenge (why do I want to yodel like Tarzan every time I say that?) on Monday! (Why not today? ‘Cause it’s my birthday & I’m having pie. Shut up.)