Weekend Link Love – Edition 395

Weekend Link LoveNell Stephenson of Paleoista fame is hosting a 2-day workshop retreat for women in Pacific Palisades, CA. Check it out if you’re interested!

Research of the Week

While it may not be the healthiest thing to drink, orange juice is certainly better for you than orange drink.

Moderation is relative, which is why it doesn’t really work.

Sunscreen: male birth control?

The colder you keep your house in the winter, the lower your waist size.

Researchers halted a trial for a new drug that failed to reduce heart attacks despite it reducing LDL by 37% and boosting HDL by 130% (!).

If you’ve got hereditary hemochromatosis (iron overload), blood donation improves the integrity of your genes.

The more natural light you get during the day, the less nighttime light impacts your melatonin secretion.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Here’s why you don’t stop training—ever.

This is your brain on no sleep.

Why is American sheep cheese so expensive?

Media, Schmedia

Soda consumption hits a 30-year low.

Worldwide, the obese now outnumber the underweight.

Everything Else

Children get less outside time than prisoners.

Presented without comment.

Calorie-counting necklace.

Mom arrested for trusting children.

A new (to me) Gary Taubes talk.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 13–Apr 19)

Picture of the Week

Prune Feet WLL

Nature’s all-weather tire.

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    1. Because being in the cold can burn extra calories. But that mild level of cold (non-shivering) really only burns like 10 cals/hr. So it’s insignificant. So the only way it would add up is if you did it for 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

      Ironic; last week Mark posted about study flaws, including correlational studies. This was a correlational study.

      You think if people are saving money by cutting their heating, they may also cut money by not eating out, not eating junk, etc etc etc?

      1. I was making a joke about drawing causal inferences from association data.

    2. Poverty?

      The link says they compared lowest and highest quartiles of indoor temperatures. Lowest quartile was 20 degrees Celsius.

      Seems to me like thin people are those who can’t afford heating nor eating (see what I did there?).

  1. Children get less outside time than prisoners because their parents get arrested for letting them walk down the street to get a burger lol.

    1. There’s no LOL to that statement. It’s a heartbreaking truth.

      1. “LOL” is knee jerk. Some people throw it in every sentence whether appropriate or not.

  2. Children get less outside time than prisoners because their parents get arrested for letting them walk down the block to get a burger!

  3. re: drug that failed to reduce heart attacks despite it reducing LDL by 37% and boosting HDL by 130% (!).

    That was a CETP inhibitor. It rather appears that they all have this result.

    There were also the 7-year HOPE-3 statin trial results lately, which distorted LDL-C down by about 30%, but only reduced all cause mortality by ¼ of one percent. Some leverage.

    The jury is still out on PCSK9 inhibitors.

    Part of the problem is that the gold standard (LDL-C) for lipid panel dogmatics is a fictional value. But even if they bother to actually measure LDL (the LDL-P values reported by NMR, VAP or electrophoresis), just shoving numbers around doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with taming atherosclerotic etiology.

  4. Would have made more sence if that mother was arrested for letting kids go to choke and puke(macdonalds)lmfao!!! Any ideas on minimalist shoes/boots for landscaper? Thanks:-)

    1. Paul – I have a pair of Vibrams for hiking that may work for you. I hike on “unimproved” trails and haven’t had anything poke through my shoe yet. Got them at REI. Asked specifically for Vibrams to hike in. Added benefit, water runs though them when it’s wet out and mud can be hosed out.

      1. Thanks, I have a couple pairs but maybe yours are more suited for the environment, what model do you have? What is REI? I am in vancouver bc canada.

        1. Hey Paul,
          REI is sorta the USA equivelant of MEC. Butnot a co-op.
          mec did carry vibram 5 finger. Not sure if they still do.
          You could also try jambu brand of shoes. They have a rather pricey hiking boot that may work for you.


        2. There is an REI in Bellingham — check it out next time you’re south of the border. It is a cooperative, so once you’re a member you get a yearly dividend based on what you purchase.

  5. And just the other day I read about a poor little 8-year-old boy in LA who was regularly beaten, abused, locked up and neglected by his parents and CPS never helped him and he died.

  6. Gary Taubes is awesome. Sugar sweetened beverages are perhaps the number one reason for increasing rates of worldwide diabesity.

  7. The light study was interesting, even though it only included 12 people. I definitely sleep better when I am outside more, which means more natural light exposure. Actually, I feel better all over the more I’m outside!

    1. Aye….. I’ve tried sticking to a curfew WRT electronic media and viewing, and didn’t find that it made a difference.

      Content did, and as a result I’ve deactivated Freakbook and ceased viewing most of the websites that used to raise my blood-pressure.

      But low-stress viewing or reading doesn’t seem to do anything negative for me. It’s just possible that working outside in the Australian gives me sufficient daylight exposure.

  8. Great links Mark. I liked the Time article about no sleep. As an airline pilot I’ve actually done quite a bit of reading on sleep over the years. My friends get a kick when I tell them I’d fly better after having a couple glasses of red wine, as oppose to flying after a shitty nights sleep. Go figure. Have a good weekend.

  9. “The more natural light you get during the day, the less nighttime light impacts your melatonin secretion.”

    This is so true. My kids and I spend as much time outside during the day as possible, and I do notice that watching t.v. that last hour before bed has no impact on my sleep. But, if we have a week of dark skies or in the winter, if we don’t get out much, and I keep the screen time at the end of the day, my sleep starts to suffer. And I notice this in the kids too, despite the fact that they don’t have screen time in the evenings. Maybe just the lights in the house is enough to mess them up when they don’t get enough sunlight.

    And, I’m a bad mom. I let my almost 6 year old entertain my almost 3 year old outside without supervision. In the front yard even. I trust my 2 year old more than my 5 year old to follow my rules, and he will. He will not go where he is not allowed, he is that hardcore of a rule follower. He will tell on the 5 year old if she goes to her friend’s house without asking (which she is allowed to do without supervision too). But, I’m sure a cop or a lawmaker who has never met my kids knows them better than me…

  10. “Moderation is relative, which is why it doesn’t really work.”

    Nonsense. Moderation IS relative, but it DOES work. You just have to know what moderation means for you personally. This study is a classic reason why we shouldn’t automatically believe studies (as per Mark’s recent article).

  11. So great to see Taubes’s video. He also is coming out with a new book about the evils of sugar.

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