Weekend Link Love ? Edition 394

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Research of the Week

Exercising before a stressor dampens its impact.

What Maori dogs ate.

Not knowing the outcome is worse than the outcome.

Historically vegetarian populations have enhanced long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid synthesis. In the context of a diet high in the precursor linoleic acid, this genetic variant increases cancer and heart disease.

Does glucosamine work? It depends on the type you take.

Sitting linked to almost 4% of deaths.

Too much downhill running might inhibit hypertrophy. Run up hills, walk down ’em.

Compared to blanching, boiling, and microwaving, both frying and steaming increase antioxidant capacity of foods.

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Interesting Blog Posts

What’s the evidence for (and against) the paleo diet?

A few things a writer learned from Kelly Starrett.

Media, Schmedia

Pretty much all American “craft” whiskeys are distilled in the same Indiana factory.

Nina Teicholz was bumped from a food science panel. Here’s a petition to reinstate her.

Everything Else

What Robb Wolf’s up to these days.

Bison are going home to Montana, bringing with them a penchant for poutine.

A world map of Neanderthal and Denisovan ancestry.

I bet unicorn tasted awesome.

Nice art.

Mummified frozen puppy corpses still manage to be pretty cute.

Organic pod burial.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 6 ? Apr 12)

Comment of the Week

Your ?Big Ass Salad? may benefit greatly from a strategically-placed hyphen.

– I get your drift, His Dudeness, but I prefer to leave it open-ended.

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  1. It seems all I’ve been able to see this week in nutritional news is how the vegan/vegetarian diet has increased the risk of cancer (especially colon for some reason) and heart disease. Kind of makes since from the heart disease perspective, if you omit all the omega 3(DHA&EPA) food sources from your diet and not take out vegetable oils such has sunflower, safflower, an grape seed oils (which most vegans believe these oils are healthy) you’re likely going to increase heart disease risk. Not fully understanding the increase in colon cancer though, perhaps it’s too much plant cellulose in the diet I don’t know. We know omnivores can’t digest plant cellulose so this increases strain on the intestinal tract, but plant foods are also loaded with prebiotics which keeps the gut flora in balance.

    1. perhaps it’s something they lack rather than something they have too much of

    2. The vegetarians I know seem to eat anything that does not have animal tissue in it. Stuff like Fritos and Pringles, Crisco and sugar are irresistible because they are hungry all the time. Or, perhaps tofu causes colon cancer?

  2. Glucosamine study: note that the kind that works just happens to be the prescription version. And that most of the authors have received money from the company that manufactures it.

    I always like to look at the disclosures before reading a study.

    1. Thanks for posting that information! You just saved me some valuable time.

    2. I went into a pharmacy here in Germany yesterday to ask about the crystalline form from Rottapharm mentioned in the study. It is available over the counter here, in little powder sachets, at – get this – 2€ per 1500mg dose, which was the amount used in the study. Not sure if I want to spend 60€ a month on this supplement. Up to now, I’ve been using the dietary supplement form of Glucosamine hydrochlorate 1000mg which I believe was about 8€ for 30 tablets.

  3. Great tip for “roasting” garlic in a pressure cooker. Aioli made with roasted garlic is super delicious. Actually, roasted garlic makes just about anything taste better.

  4. Woo! 15 more minutes of iFame!

    I’ve been experimenting with sleeping while glycogen depleted for a few days. No effect on sleep yet, but man am I ever hungry for breakfast now. That’s a new thing for me.

  5. So I am wasting my money on my Glucosamine supplement (well, maybe the Chondroitin and MSM have been doing something lol) and I need a prescription manufactured by an Italian company. I sent them an email to see if it is available in the states. The type I’ve been using is the Hydrochloride shellfish free form. I did read this which seems to contradict the study that asserts only the pCGS form has therapeutic properties:

    “Studies have shown glucosamine HCL, when combined with chondroitin sulphate, could help alleviate pain caused by degenerative joint disease. The results of a 16-week trial on 34 males who suffered chronic pain of the knee showed significant improvement in the relief of symptoms caused by osteoarthritis. The inclusion of sulphur in chondroitin sulphate is also thought to improve the effectiveness of cartilage development.”

    Who knows for sure? Always learn something and / or get another perspective from Mark’s Sunday links.

      1. Dona was the brand I found in Germany (from Rottapharm) that was 2€ a dose here! I’m betting you guys can get it way cheaper at Walmart! On the positive side, the glucosamine HCL that I am already taking is combined with Chondroitin Sulphate so maybe I should just stick to that.

  6. I live about 45 min. from Elk Island, so I just have to tell you that the bison will be poutine-free. Poutine is a staple in Quebec but you don’t see it much in wastern Canada. Alberta is known for its beef, not its french fries.

  7. I was so upset for Nina’s sake and for the sake of open discussion on nutrition as opposed to enforcing consent by silencing dissent! I think Tom Naughton said it best, “this isn’t about credibility. It’s about avoiding a debate against a woman who would kick their asses all over the stage.”