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February 14 2016

Weekend Link Love – Edition 387

By Mark Sisson

Weekend Link LoveI’ll be giving a talk on food and recovery from addiction at the Recover 2.0 Online Conference. Sign up! It’s free, runs February 17-21, and features dozens of recovery experts.

Listen to my chat with Ben Greenfield on chronic cardio, fat for fuel, and Primal Endurance.

Research of the Week

Bitter rivals LDL and fish oil combine to fight liver cancer (in the lab).

A single concussion increases the risk of suicide.

Scientists have discovered neural pathways that react uniquely and exclusively to music.

If a bear eats you, there’s a 50% chance it was your fault.

Just 14 days of bed rest induces robust atrophy of skeletal muscle in middle-aged adults.

Industrial-scale fish fermentation goes back at least 9000 years (to the south of Sweden).

A test for dognition.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

bethany hamilton

Episode 106: Bethany Hamilton: Host Elle Russ hangs out with Bethany Hamilton, who, after losing an arm to a tiger shark at age 13, went on to become a national surfing champion at age 14. She’s a mother, a speaker, and, yes, a surfer who learned to channel what was by most accounts a terrible tragedy into something beautiful and uplifting.

Each week, select Mark’s Daily Apple blog posts are prepared as Primal Blueprint Podcasts. Need to catch up on reading, but don’t have the time? Prefer to listen to articles while on the go? Check out the new blog post podcasts below, and subscribe to the Primal Blueprint Podcast here so you never miss an episode.

Interesting Blog Posts

Ghosts within us: how human evolution is more muddy delta than branching tree.

This is not satire.

Media, Schmedia

Is war innate? Take one, take two.

Will the new dietary guidelines just make us even fatter?

Everything Else

Are Australian birds of prey spreading fire to scare tasty critters from their hiding places?

Hmm. Apologies to any pug owners.

More reasons to avoid heart disease.

The UAE gets a minister of happiness.

How to choose, use, and slice ginger.

Could mushroom-based biopesticides replace synthetic ones?

Complex carbohydrates.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Feb 16 – Feb 22)

Comment of the Week

Great, I always start the day with some cups of coffee, krill oil, and a pipe or two of tobacco. Now, if only I could remember why I do this :)

– You do read this blog, though, so the nootropics are probably working.

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21 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love – Edition 387”

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  1. Mark must have read yesterday’s comment, as I got my lamb shanks and south Asian recipe. Kudos!

  2. That woman who owns the juice bar… I find her breakfast a little baffling, what is brain dust? But I recognized almost everything else she eats. Of course, I love Asian foods. I think she needs some seafood in there and she’ll be good. But I’m sure she’s vegan, from that list.

    1. “I had an early, pre-yoga dinner at Shima in Abbot Kinney, which is my 3-year-old’s favorite restaurant.”

      That line killed me. Everything about it awesomely pretentious.

    2. I recognized everything she eats, but how can you live on a diet like that? Instead of eating or drinking some odd concoction almost hourly, I think she would benefit from eating real food now and then–and maybe she does, but very privately. Obviously she is making good money catering to clueless celebrities and doesn’t want to wreck her “out-there” image.

    3. I thought her whole diet was a little ridiculous. I mean to each her own, but damn… Subsisting on juice, powders, supplements, leaves, and a little nuts sounds horrible…

      1. Well, what I liked about it was her lunch and her pre-yoga meal… I love raw zucchini ever so much and I love seaweed salad even more. That looked really good.

        Of course, if I were making those meals that zucchini salad would have been adorned with shrimp and the seaweed salad would have been accompanied by salmon sashimi or maybe just a nice, rare steak. Mmm.

  3. “Will the new dietary guidelines just make us even fatter?”

    Good in-depth article that blows out the notion that “fat won’t make you fat.” Certain kinds of fats/oils can and do contribute to weight gain, particularly depending on the amount used and the starchy carbs they are routinely combined with. This is especially true if 80/20 periodically slides into 50/50 or less but the fat consumption remains high.

  4. Must have my copper cup of silver needle every morning! And I’m old enough that I have plenty of Brain Dust right between my ears.

    Keep it up, Sweetie! It’s important work you’re doing…

  5. “This is not satire.”

    Hilarious article! I could see it as a Saturday Night Live skit. Actually, she is getting a fair amount of protein and some of those dishes don’t sound too bad. So many trendy and exotic juices, powders and plates of dabs of this and that. It must cost a fortune to eat like that. Seems like she is getting about 1200 calories a day, but may be more with all that juice she drinks.

    Well, she is a darling of Hollywood, so she is exactly what one would expect.

  6. The alternative argument is that the wolf is designed by God, the Pug by the same species that produces such “intelligent” memes.

    As for warfare….. It seems odd to claim that it is “rare” if it only occurs once in a generation. I’m also going to question how hard anyone looked if they had difficulty finding it among modern hunter-gatherers.
    Africa, North-America, Australia all provide frequent examples. Looking to other continents for counter-examples tends to find H-Gs as remnant populations or in less-hospitable areas while the dominant populations (and the winners of most wars) were the agrarians.

  7. I cringed at that Elle article, but I’m also pretty sure that’s how a lot of fat-dodging, food-pyramid trusting, “normal” people feel when they hear I don’t eat grains or sunflower oil, or soy, and so on – that infuriating feeling that you’re talking to someone who’s caught up to a faddish degree in unbalanced eating, and being overly precious about their health.

    “Why can’t you just eat normal food?!”


    So yes, it’s hilarious, but to a lot of people, that’s US. 😉

  8. Interesting reading Dr. Eade’s blog post on vegetable oils. Does it mean that I can’t use olive oil or coconut oil? They are plant based like the rest of the crap oils that I no longer eat at home. I do eat out a lot but he is right, you really don’t know what they are putting in or how they are cooking your meal. I try to go for steamed, grilled or roasted meats, fish and salads or vegetables with a dressing in the side. It’s hard though with so much bad cheap food out there.

  9. Dang it Mark. The only reason I clicked that Amanda Bacon link, was, well, because of her last name. I kept reading in hopes of bacon juice but it never happened. I think she would have more time in her day if she didn’t spend more time at yoga than work or with her family! She may even find time to cook a steak.

  10. Dr. Eades says somewhere in the comments that olive oil and coconut oil are OK — olive oil is neutral because it’s mostly monosaturated fats and coconut oil is saturated fat. What I really want to know is what he’s referring to at the end where he says that a food common to Paleo and low-carb eating may be problematic as well — he says in the comments that he’s planning a post on it — my guess is it’s nuts — please don’t keep us waiting too long, Dr. Eades!

  11. THE best interview with ben!
    just one question.. when you talk endurance you talk over 20 miles or so i presume. but.. if i want to train for a 10k, i do my long slow (180-age bpm), my sprints, my strength. all fine.
    on race day, when i need to go all out around my lactate threshold what will it happen? am i going to burst?