Weekend Link Love – Edition 386

Weekend Link Love

Research of the Week

Cooking (and even frying) with extra virgin olive oil increases the antioxidant capacity of and creates new polyphenols in vegetables.

Urban gardeners are safe from lead poisoning, even with high lead content in the soil (just don’t eat the dirt).

Vaginal bacteria swabs may replace missing microbes in c-section babies.

Turtles must taste really good.

Spending more nets better food (and bodyweight).

Sitting too much and sleeping too little linked to type 2 diabetes.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts


Episode 105: Adam and Vanessa Lambert: Brad Kearns sits down for a lively chat with old friends.

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Interesting Blog Posts

““We’ll stop calling ourselves vegan butchers when they stop calling it ‘humane slaughter’,” Kale says.”

Why “gill slits” in mammalian embryos make the case for evolution from a common ancestor.

Media, Schmedia

In mice, clearing out cells as they age extends lifespan and healthspan.

An article on how personal ancestry shapes your optimal diet sounds very similar to what thought leaders in the “discredited paleo diet” community have been saying.

Everything Else

A paleo documentary from one of our PB Expert Cert grads is in postproduction and needs your help. Check out the Kickstarter for Discovering Paleo and give a little nudge across the finish line!

Ravens may possess a theory of mind, according to new research.

Beef may be nutritious and safe, but cows kill.

Anti-raccoon garbage lids, traps, and other protective measures have created a race of uber-raccoons fit to compete in urban environments. Here’s one strutting around a Toronto subway station like it owns the place. Let’s hope the raccoons and ravens take each other out.

British scientists will soon begin testing gene editing in human embryos.

The bamboo bike industry is thriving in Ghana.

Worth the hike?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Feb 9 – Feb 15)

Comment of the Week

Money doesn’t buy happiness…

Do you live in America?
Because it buys a waverunner.
Ever seen a sad person on a wave runner?
Seriously, have you?
Try to frown on a waverunner.
They are so awesome, it’s just throttle.
People smile as they hit the peer.

– Good point, JBacca (and Daniel Tosh).

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