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Weekend Link Love – Edition 384

We almost killed off the buffalo, and now we have a chance to help them return [1] to their native lands. Support the Tanka Fund [2].

Research of the Week

Low cholesterol, especially LDL and HDL [3], predicts increased suicidality.

Trail running quells anxious rumination [4].

Dunbar’s number persists [5] into our social media networks.

Beards may protect hospital workers against staph infections [6].

Catch-up sleep (2 days at 9.7 hours per night) on the weekend can offset [7] sleep deprivation during the week (4 days at 4.3 hours per night).

Arch supports may increase the energetic cost of human locomotion [8].

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 103: Aerobic Base Building with Brad Kearns [9]: In this quick episode, host Brad Kearns discusses the most ignored and most important component of any endurance training regimen—building the aerobic base.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Can paleo actually save [15] the environment?

Weighted blankets are helping [16] veterans get back to sleep.

Media, Schmedia

Chris Pratt’s Game Plan diet [17], with a little wiggle room.

Shoulda read Primal Endurance [18].

Bernie Sanders was [19] “Paleo before Paleo was a thing.”

Everything Else

There’s a cauliflower shortage [20].

Think Amazon carries this [21]?

Prospective parents: don’t give your infant vegan almond milk formula. He might get scurvy [22].

Fairy tales go way back [23].

Gorgeous paleo art [24].

A Bay Area school district is the first with all-organic, GMO-free cafeterias [25]. Of course it’s Marin County.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jan 26 – Feb 1)

Comment of the Week

Tried to take the test at the bottom of the boredom article. I quit after the second screen. Got bored.

– It happens, Derek [30].