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December 20 2015

Weekend Link Love – Edition 379

By Mark Sisson

Weekend Link Love

Research of the Week

When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, eating lettuce is worse than bacon.

Top scientists hold back science.

Humanely-killed fish taste better.

Human sleep efficiency (short but deep) developed in part because it allowed us to throw amazing parties late into the night.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Researchers think doctor’s visits should include exercise checks.

What fasting does for the brain.

A nice response to the “Cowspiracy” film.

Media, Schmedia

Quitting meat won’t save the planet.

Why parents need to stop controlling how their kids play.

Everything Else

Google’s Play Books app just added a blue light filter.

Why Jeb polls so poorly.

Pepsi vending machines to feature “healthy” fare only.

What walking across the world feels like.

Sure, I’m ready.

Chronic stress may be fueling the asthma epidemic.

Obama signs a “Free Range Kids” act.

Where does one species end and the next begin?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 22 – Dec 28)

Comment of the Week

Agreed. Baboon balls are natural too, but I’d love to know if they’re the thing that’s flavoring my food!

– Fear not, Kathleen. Our bars use only the finest macaque balls.

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26 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love – Edition 379”

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  1. I’m not surprised about the humanely killed fish tasting better. Antelope and deer that are shot without spooking them and go down instantly (instead of running either before or after the shot), taste better. Antelope, especially, that have run before the shot taste extremely gamey (not in a good way).

  2. Lettuce vs. Bacon and Cowspiracy response.

    Does anyone out there realized that 95% of all so-called greenhouse gasses is water vapor? Did you know that the IPCC models (hockey stick) did not factor in water vapor? Trying to justify eating meat, raising animals in regard to CO2 and methane is a false argument. It has been scientifically proven from the study of ice cores going back 600,000 years that, first the temperature goes up, then the CO2 goes up. CO2 does not make the planet warmer. So what does?

    That would be the Sun. More sun spots means more energy cast out into space which means more energy hitting the Earth and, therefore, warmer temperatures. We are in a period of extremely low sun spot activity when there should be a whole lot more of them, rather like the Maunder Minimum which brought on the the little ice age. (Get ready for another one.)

    –Polar bear populations, up.
    –Sea ice in the Arctic in the summer, up.
    –total ice accumulation in the Antarctic, up.
    –Satellite temperature readings (the most reliable), no temperature increase for nearly 20 years.
    –Sea level rise at 1 to 3 millimeters per year and has been for a few centuries now.
    –Glaciers in the U.S. and around the world, growing.

    And one really big volcanic eruption, like Tambora in 1816, can cause a year without summer; snowfall in Massachusetts in June and crop failures all around the Northern Hemisphere. Think what two or three “Tamboras” would do to your summer picnic.

    To believe that humans are causing global warming/climate change is hubris in the extreme.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the Medieval Warm Period and the Roman Warm Period, both of which were warmer than today…and not included in the statistics for the hockey stick graph.

    There are plenty of reputable scientists–climatologists, astro-physicists, meteorologists, and geologists who are highly skeptical of human-caused global warming/climate change or who outright call it for what it is, a fraud to allow an elite group of people to control human population and line their pockets with your tax dollars.

    Grow all the veggies and meat you want and enjoy. Having said that, I believe that small, sustainable, organic farm really could feed the world.

    1. You’re shouting into the wind, but I’m glad – thank you!

    2. And thanks for saying it.

      Thirty years of dire predictions and the Midwest is still not a desert and New York is still not underwater.

      The stupidity was when carbon-dioxide, a gas vital to life on earth, was turned into a villainous pollutant. That cows cause global warming is just more stupidity on top of it.

    3. Nice list of nonsense you posted there.

      Here’s who believes we are warming the oceans and air and acidifying the ocean through carbon emissions:

      The US Military
      All the major insurance companies
      Nearly every oceanographer, geologist, physicist, chemist, and biologist.

      Basically anyone that studies these things for a living or has a stake in making risk assessment calculations believe this to be true.

      Who denies the science? The oil and coal industry, those on their payroll, and conspiracy theorists who think that all of the world’s scientists have colluded to trick us into thinking global warming is real so they can…what exactly? Get rich from getting more government or private endowment grants? If you believe that you clearly don’t know any scientists or understand the process of conducting research.

      I live in Santa Cruz, right in the thick of the most advanced scientific progress being made in the nation on this subject. I’m 30 minutes west of silicon valley, and hour south of San Francisco and 40 miles north of Monterey. If it has to do with ocean research, and research on climate change, it can probably be connected to this area. My brother is a commercial fisherman, and we’ve both been surf every day for the last 30 years.

      So I’m surrounded by the most educated and dedicated people in this field. And all the research contradicts your entire hypothesis.

      So we either believe what the data or we ignore it and roll the dice. If the climate science is wrong, but we follow the advice and change, the consequences are we still end up with cleaner air, less acidic oceans and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.A big plus for being being wrong.

      If the science is correct, but we do nothing, we are in for a world of hurt and increase the acidity of the oceans and have more pollution.

      So why would anyone follow your advice. There is no upside whatsoever to doing nothing.

      1. Thank you; indeed, “no upside whatsoever to doing nothing”!

      2. Read my comment to HealthyGuy and then start doing your own research. There are many geologists, climatologists, glaciologists, meteorologists who say human-caused global warming is a fraud. Those who speak out, however, lose grant money, so many toe the global warming/climate change line. It’s their living.

        1. You are correct. The great OZ cuts the funding of any Toto that peeks under the curtin of his false claims of destruction. The powers that be cannot tax and control solar activity so they take the Maltheusian stance of controlling the activity of humans lesser than themselves. Humans should however, eat locally grown organic produce and meats and minimize consumption. But not in the name of political correctness but because it’s the right thing to do. They had to change the name from global warming to climate change and hope the “useful idiots” would still belive the lie. Ding dong Maurice Strong is dead let’s hope his adgenda 21 passes along with him.

      3. Agreed. And how can he claim that more money is being made by promoting climate change science than the fossil fuel and automobile industries? Most skepticism can be blamed on corporatization and industry manipulation.

    4. I don’t know about what or who is possibly causing global warming, but I live in North Carolina, and this fall has felt like spring except for maybe 10 or so days, and it was 80 degrees on Christmas… I read all this stuff about eternal summer due to heating in houses, but it’s been like eternal summer outside too… I can’t get away from it. I miss the cold.

      1. Side note: I’ve received so many new clothes as gifts for my 10 month old baby and it’s been too hot for him to even wear any of them. He’s gone without clothes for probably about 90% of his existence.

  3. On ‘eating lettuce is worse than bacon’, the study I think, was done calorie for calorie in regards to ’emissions per calorie’ so yeah, given that lettuce is pretty low on calories, it’s going to come out as worse compared to bacon! Still, I don’t think it would have required an entire study to realize that outcome!!

    Perhaps a study on studies that waste time and money should be done!! ;0)

    1. I agree but that study also failed to include the energy required to transport those leafy greens from the farm to the city.

  4. Great Link Love today. Why parents need to stop controlling how their kids play…Classic. The guy walking around the world…Classic. The Cowspiricy…a really good romp. Thanks for the Love!

  5. I had roasted guinea pig in Quito this last summer. It was quite frankly one of the tastiest meat dishes I’ve ever had.

  6. Eating guinea pig in Cuzco, Peru tasted like greasy chicken. The llama was very good though.

  7. So Mark, you are not holding back the Primal movement are you? 🙂


  8. The guinea pig looked really really good; until I read what it was. It will be a struggle for me to be ready for that!

    1. I might try it if it was sectioned off like chicken parts. Having the head attached and incisors protruding is double black Diamond cuisine.

  9. The case of the Red Wolf & its implications is intriguing! It seems species can merely hybridize & make up a new “species” when there is a niche caused by eradication. Maybe biodiversity loss is actually manipulation/ transformation & isn’t as big a deal as I had thought due to the supposed effects of lowered biodiversity on mental health. That link is kind of flimsy as it is… This could change how I make some of my decisions in life.