November 08 2015

Weekend Link Love – Edition 373

By Mark Sisson

Weekend Link Love

Research of the Week

Early exposure to dogs and farm animals reduces the risk of asthma in pre-school and school-age children.

Urban fruit contained a wider range of micronutrients and fewer heavy metals than retail fruit.

Standing for at least a quarter of the day can reduce your odds of obesity.

A high protein, higher calorie diet improves body composition in resistance trained men and women

Delaying kindergarten by a year may reduce ADHD.

A single meal containing crushed, raw garlic alters immune and cancer gene expression.

Only full-fat dairy is associated with better metabolic health.

Chinese table salt is full of plastic.

In weight loss trials, low-carb diets outperform low-fat diets.

For optimal lung health, be sure to eat your veggies and whale.

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Interesting Blog Posts

How to treat your shrimp right.

Great dinner party hack: one giant steak for everyone.

Media, Schmedia

The regulated regulating the regulators.

Craig Venter wants your genome. Can you resist that face?

Everything Else

Got a few minutes? Take a quick paleo diet survey and help a grad student complete a research project.

London is getting an insect restaurant.

Wolf-coyote-dog hybrids are emerging in North America.

I’d like to visit.

Red meat significantly increases the risk of premature death in cattle. Researchers suspect causality but have yet to identify a mechanism.

New evidence indicates that English hunter-gatherers weren’t trading with farmers for wheat 8,000 years ago.

The earth needs more animal poop.

What pro apple farmers think of people who pick apples for fun.

Calorie counts on fast food menus are nice and all, but they don’t affect how many calories people eat.

Fake allergies create headaches for chefs.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Nov 10 – Nov 16)

Comment of the Week

Meanwhile, nearly 100% contain lips, udders, and sphincters.

Fine by me.

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  1. Regarding the lung health, the problem with that is that (I believe) it is illegal for Americans to dine on whales unless you are an exempt indigenous population. Otherwise, I would love to try whale.

  2. “Standing for at least a quarter of the day can reduce your odds of obesity”

    Hey, if you’re doing something besides eating while you’re standing–great. Most people probably don’t stand up while they eat, or at least not very often. That equates to less food consumed and less unwanted weight gained. So, three guesses and the first two don’t count: is it the standing that does the trick, or the not eating?

    Sorry to sound cross, but I get a bit impatient with studies that are always trying to put spin on the obesity issue. Bottom line: It’s all about what and how much we put in our mouths–not whether we’re sitting, standing, or hanging from a monkey bar while we’re doing it.

  3. Is there any brand of sea salt that contains… less? microplastics?

    1. re: Is there any brand of sea salt that contains… less? microplastics?

      That may just one problem with modern sea salt, which may be expected to contain representational amounts of all modern seawater pollutants, except those that evaporate before the water does, or are filtered out prior to evap (which is what’s apparently not happening here).

      Fine granulated (table) salt further has possible hazards from the anti-caking agents added, often wheat-based. Refined salt has entirely separate problems.

      All salt, of course, is sea salt. It’s just a question of how long ago it was sea water. Mined unrefined salt will be from ancient seas. Coarse avoids anti-caking. You need some assurance of quality beyond that.

  4. Regarding cows and red meat. It just goes to prove that eating red meat really is bad for you…especially if you’re supposed to be eating grass. I’m laughing at you, you predator, carnivorous cows.

  5. That apple picking article is way off base. How about teaching your kids where the food is from? How about eliminating the middle man and increasing profit for the farmer? How about getting fresher food? How about increasing your visibility as a farmer be welcoming visitors? His about a mixed model aporoach? Works well here.

    1. I’m thinking the same as you, Les. Pick-your-own strawberries here in the U.K. is a great childhood memory for me and seems to be a simple way to help city children to re-connect with where food is from.

    1. Okay, yeah. It took well over an hour to finish, but at least I didn’t have to watch the last quarter of the Bronco game.

  6. I like the shrimp hack, I defrost fresh frozen shrimp in salted water but never thought of the baking soda effect. I also dust the raw shrimp in super fine rice flour with a little white pepper and flash fry in pork lard.

  7. Hooray to Greek Tzatziki 🙂
    (full fat dairy+raw crushed garlic)

  8. Well, I’m not surprised that cutting a steak out of a cow and feeding it to him isn’t going to lead to a long healthy life for him. Makes sense that they can eat butter and cheese safely, too.

    1. Um, that’s how mad cow gets spread. They put cow byproducts in the feed.

  9. Most of Attention Deficit issues are female teachers unable to cope with normal boys. They want to drug them in to feminine submission. And when the boys get older and self-medicate they get tossed into jail. Feminists couldn’t ask for more.

    1. Well, let’s give the female teachers some wine and then they won’t sweat he small stuff. Ahahahaha as the mother of a boy who according to some has ADHD that’s a funny! I just feed him well, run him hard and make sure he gets plenty of sleep. I am the worst mom ever and hated for moments and enjoy the rest of the time.

  10. Nice shrimp tip. Totally gotta try the brine before I sautee next time!